Google Finally Choses Text Based “Mobile Friendly” in SERPs

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Yet another new ranking algorithm for your non mobile website has been officially released from Google. This one might start to sway your resistance to creating a mobile version.

I have mentioned this before, as hints from both Google and Barry Schwartz have been surfacing all over. It's official, Google will now start implementing a “Mobile-friendly” tag  within the meta description of the SERPS. Remember all that time you spent learning flash and how cool your site was? It might be a good idea to ditch it and think about a mobile friendly redesign.

If you poke around in Webmaster Tools you will find a few ways to test your website and see how it has been performing.  In the Search Traffic section there is now a Mobile Usability section that will let you know about your flash use and that touch elements are too close. If your site is a bit on the old and crusty side, it may be time to start thinking about all your mobile users.


Most the People use

Most the People use smartphones for internet browsing. Its really great that google is considering this features as well. For details reagarding this please click here.


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