TRUSTe gets hand slapped by FTC


TRUSTe, a company that certifies websites' compliance with various security and privacy standards, was recently penalized by the FTC for not reviewing all of the sites with the TRUSTe logo annually like they claim to. They were also penalized for companies not updating to the "for profit" logo.

To me, this seems like a fairly minor deal with the errors being more laziness than actual deceit but I also tend not to be swayed by website trust symbols. I find many of these trust symbols can basically just be purchased and are like a 1st place trophy with your name engraved that you bought from the store. Sure you had to put in a little time, money and effort to get it but not nearly as much as the average person who sees it would expect.

Does this make you doubt the validity of the TRUSTe logo? Do you find the average user trusts sites with various certification logos more than those that don't have them?