Google no longer plans to release glass to the public in 2014


It seems that Google is backing out of the consumer market with glass and externalizing the hardware problems to other partners and focusing in more on specialized business applications for the device.

The really interesting bit of this article is how the original goal for glass is to create an augmented reality when when you step on a subway platform you saw train delays and when you looked out the window, you saw what hte weather was but the battery life and other challenges made then not possible.... I think that augmented reality has a long way to go but I give google credit for diving into such a complex and expensive project


Interesting, I wonder if

Interesting, I wonder if they're really going to continue working on it or are just going to let it die out. Or maybe license the technology to someone else. It always seemed to me that for the general public, it was kind of a novelty but for some specific industries like the medical field, it could be a fantastic tool.

I vote licensing

Google is a a software company...I don't think any of their hardware projects really turned out amazingly welll...I do see some good B2B applications for the stuff...the article I posted mentioned that they were already talking to luxottica and others...

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