The Sales Funnel has Changed


A recent blog on Business 2 Community piqued my interest. Writer Darrell Alfonso critiques the way we map out sales funnels. He cites the old A.I.D.A model (Attention, Interest, Desire and Action) as being obsolete. In a nutshell, A.I.D.A. includes delivering something shocking or thought-provoking, keeping the customer engaged by making the information seem relevant to them, presenting the product in a way that will address a problem and stressing why it should be purchased immediately.

Darrell suggest that people are now consistently connected to the Internet, with the grand scope of choices being accessible from their pockets. Instead of the need being as simple as "headphones" and discovering the noise canceling variety, people now look for "noise canceling headphones" - the new choice is who to buy from. His "New Sales Funnel" lists three stages: Awareness, Evaluation and Commitment. The user becomes informed about the brand, comes to trust the brand and makes a purchase.

This is very brand-centric, which requires different types of content to implement and maintain: informative foundational content, visual nurturing content and persuasive sales copy. Without all three, a website cannot meet the needs of all its users. Does yours?