Adsense on Desktop Search Coming?

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Google AdSense in desktop applications
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I have recently started browsing round the forums again and this took my interest. There was an article this weekend in the Sunday Times in England talking about google and that to continue there growth to justify there share p/e ratios they need to effectively get more eyeballs and to do this they need to move outside of normal search. Hence the move into gmail, news etc. so when will they be offering adsense down onto local desktop search and integrating it into desktop applications?



Local desktop search - that

Local desktop search - that definitely has a big brother feeling to it, and I don't think people would be happy to see that personal and private documents on their hard drive are triggering very targeted AdSense ads.

Desktop applications - this is actually written into the AdSense policies that you cannot add AdSense into any kind of software application. I think there is far too much potential for fraud here. Even if you got approval for individual software to have imbedded AdSense, all it would take is a quick switch after approval to encourage software users to click ads, or make it a requirement to click an ad or two to use the software. And it would be much harder for the advertisers (who Google want to keep very happy) to see where their ads are actually appearing.

Google AdSense has allowed AdSense to be imbedded in some browsers (Opera, for example) and AdSense for Feeds is fairly new, that allows AdSense to be added to RSS/XML feeds. So there are steps in that direction, and you never know, Google could surprise everyone while trying to keep one step ahead of the upcoming Yahoo Publisher Network.

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