Slashdotters Down Dvorak

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SD visitors crash keyboard layout site....
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It seems that an article on Slashdot prompted so many people to visit the Dvorak site that it's had to go offline. The site aims to convince people to use the Dvorak keyboard layout instead of qwerty. I read through the site earlier and i'm really trying to get used to the Dvorak layout, it'll save my poor hands from RSI apparently.

"It could be the difference between working in your garden at 70 or wearing wrist braces at 40."

The site in question is It's currently just display the cPanel default page. The guys over at dvzine must be pretty hacked off, they lust after a load of visitors then a load comes along and downs the site, bugger!

I suppose i've just added to their problems by pointing every TW member to their site..oops.

Seriously, when it's back up take a look, they've got a quality comic that explains the history of Qwerty and Dvorak.