Penguin 3.1: Google's Way to Say Thanks on the Thanksgiving Weekend?


penguin 3.1 thanks[Update: This is not the new Penguin but the old one (confirmed)]

[One more update: Google Penguin is Confirmed to Be a Continuous Thing Now]

Google Penguin is rumored to be taking place with many previously Penguin-hit sites to be seeing recovery starting from November, 27

Most people are so far sure this is not Penguin Refresh though:

  • Google has to confirm Penguin for us to know for sure
  • Google promised not to do major updates over big holidays (and it's Black Fridays today, folks)... Well, this may be a bad argument: Google is known for giving and taking back promises quite easily

Now, some people assume it may be Panda as well.

For what it's worth, something is going on for sure!