Bing Talks Content Quality as Primary Ranking Factor - what can we learn?


Bing talks the role of content quality on their blog This is a pretty detailed and interesting post : discusses their three pillars of content quality, here there are below with some cool highlights

Authority: Can we trust this content?

Interesting bit here is that what it means to be an authority varies by  seems as if there is a neighborhood factor to authority,

"Authority is treated differently in different query segments. For example, for health topics, our algorithms will prefer documents written by professionals from well-known sources."

Utility:Is the content useful and sufficently detailed?

Bing uses real estate as an example here saying,

"These sites generally syndicate information available elsewhere (via MLS or government sources). However, even these kinds of sites can move up in the ranking results if they set themselves apart with unique value that others in that category may not have, such as school information or nearby transportation options."

This qualifies how sites operating at scale may be able to be unique enough and have cross domain duplicate content may not in and of itself be a low quality of the things with panda thought, it seems that low authority sites seem to get hit more often than authoritative sites with the same duplicate content issues, I wonder if there is this external authority factor is present for bing as well, or is having 'unique enough' pages sufficent?

Presentation: Is the content well-presented and easy to find?

Oh look, bing does page segmentation as well and maps out ads saying, "PresentationIs the content well-presented and easy to find? "

Do you guys remember Googles landing page update, kind of reminds me of that....

Heres an SEL write up with some more interesting observations: