Amazon gets A New, Cleaner Look.

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I have to say, I like Amazon's new, cleaner look. Instead of 50,000 tabs at the top, they went for the simpler 3 tabs at the top. To see all the categories, roll your mouse over the "see all categories" and a dhtml popup will open up.

But I have to wonder: will people understand it?

I've seen a lot of usability testing, and you'd be amazed at what has to be explained to people. I've seen that the best conversions come from plain ol' basic links or button type navigation.

We'll know in a week or two if this is a good move for amazon or not: if it doesn't convert, we may see the old style come back. However, I can't believe that Amazon would make such a major change without usability testing.


I've been seeing that look

I've been seeing that look for almost a month on and off (and wondering if it was just me or no one else was mentioning it) so I guess they've probably been tracking and tweaking for a while.

I like it actually, after the initial WTF? where's the books tab?, moment. When I was getting the old style back occasionally it seemed way overcluttered.

I love it! I think people

I love it!

I think people will get used to it, after all, it's a "repeat visit" site right?

Shame about all that css in the head...

>> However, I can't believe

>> However, I can't believe that Amazon would make such a major change without usability testing.

Been seeing it for a while, while logged in on one of my accounts. None of the other accounts showed the new interface.

A while back I'd promised myself that I'd look into DHTML menus "when Amazon" moves to them. Looks like a busy summer for me ...

Yeah I've been seeing this

Yeah I've been seeing this for close to a month. I know I'm a search dominant user, at amazon or most other sites I look for the search box to get me where I'm going. I like the simpler tabs but hate the DHTML fly out stuff.

>>But I have to wonder: will

>>But I have to wonder: will people understand it?

i dont think they will. stuff really needs to be clear for people, and this just isnt clear enough. also, humans are creatures of habit, so hardcore amazon users (like myself) will be disoriented -- especially if there is no explanation regarding the change. when yahoo made some small changes as to where you go to login to your yahoo mail, they at least offered a brief explanation. this was just sort of out of the blue.

Mission based

They've switched from brand and product based navigation to mission-based, meaning the search and paths are traceable to customer goals. They've likely tested the top searches and learned that people want to find (quickly) their wish list, gift certs, cart and track shipments. They are less interested in Amazon partner sites.

The secondary search, which is available in one click rather than a zillion, is the 31 Products tab, which presents a window for product selection.

For myself, I've never liked the old Amazon navigation system. This new one is logical and based on understanding what their customers commonly or frequently want to find. Even the Associates Program is easier to find.

Definitely one to watch, to see what they change or modify.

Not bad... Mozilla, the 31 categories tab takes you to a page full of category text-links. So the DHTML is well-designed enough to degrade gracefully. That's nice to see.

Next, I'd like to see a user-preference setting that allows you to set the all-category page as your preferred start page. It's much nicer than all the silly promotions plastered on the main entry page.

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