Add Paid Content to Your Yahoo! SERPs

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Now you can include WSJ and other paid content souces in your Yahoo! SERPS w/ their new Subscriptions service.

From Yahoo!:

Yahoo! Search Subscriptions enables you to search access-restricted
content such as news and reference sites that are normally not
accessible to search engines.


Learn more about Yahoo! Search Subscriptions.

Yet another small but useful step by Yahoo.


Actually, I think it's potentially major...

Yet another small but useful step by Yahoo.

Actually, I think it's potentially major, particularly if these are exclusive deals.

I remember several years back hearing Larry Page and Sergey Brin talking about their vision of Google as a subscription type gateway to all information... for a moderate fee you would be able to access everything, and you'd be able to find it all on Google.

Admittedly, it's a jump from searching subscription-based content, as Yahoo is now enabling, to accessing it via either micro-payments or by subscription to Yahoo, but I wouldn't be surprised if Yahoo is using this beta project to provide pricing projections for the next step.

I can't imagine that Google hasn't been trying to do something similar.

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