Bots: Not just killing your CTR but also your PPC budget


The recent story about negative SEO being done through bots clicking on everything but 1 specific company was interesting and also tied in to a recent article on about bot fraud in the PPC industry.

As someone who's not intimately familiar with PPC workings or bot design, I couldn't tell if the article was stating that bots are intentially triggering ads to be displayed so that ad-spend of certain companies gets wasted or if they are inadvertantly triggering ad impressions through their general activity and this is costing companies money. Either way, a quarter of video impressions being caused by bots means a lot of wasted money!


What they are saying is that

What they are saying is that website owners who publish display ads aquire bot traffic to their sites to increase ad impressions (or clicks) in order to get paid more.

Ah, so thats where the "bot

Ah, so thats where the "bot fraud" part comes in! Now it all makes sense why the bots would build a web history to trigger the ads and whatnot. Yikes, what an issue and what a tough thing to combat! Just the cost of doing PPC? Like how store retailers have to budget in stolen product?

CTR bots proof

can you explain how ranks second for "blinds to go" in No anchor, no social mentions and no text in the body of thier site pages with the competitor brand...

basicly it looks like the ctr bots are at work, even poor content from gets more social shares than an article from a national newspaper

hey google we can beat our competitor at their own brand rank us higher when competing with them on general money terms

Google partner

I see that directblinds SEO company it's Epiphany search that is a google partner and  may provide authority to that website in order to use some other methods of advertising specific to online campaigns.

It's links, links, links...

They have over 2 000 rferring domains linking with the anchor text "blinds", and basically every link they have include "blinds" in some way in the anchor text. I would say that's why they rank. :)

From a quick glance, I'd say

From a quick glance, I'd say its more due to SEO factors like links and optimization than anything nefarious like CTR bots. Plus, CTR bots impact your paid ads by eating up your budget but I don't think would have much impact on organic rankings.

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