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Anyone besides me not swallowed the "Hilltop" magic pill yet?
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This thread over at webmasterworld is jam packed with conpiracy theories, wild speculation and misinformation. Im sure it's not quite what moderator bakedjake was looking for when he asked if it was only him who hadn't swallowed the hilltop magic pill

It's also full of some very well thought out theories on post florida google and some first hand experiences to corroborate those theories. Take this from Caveman:

Evidence of affiliation assessment is apparent to me, but with a caveat. We saw after Florida (when I believe Hilltop kicked in) that - in several commercial categories where we had multiple site entries with insufficient identity safeguards - we lost a bunch of those sites...meaning that their positions in the SERP's dropped dramatically. That was interesting. What was also interesting was that in most of those categories, our lead site maintained its overall position or even benefitted.

Of note, after taking care of items related to methods for determiniming affiliation, we saw most of the sites come back. And those that did not come back happened to use common templates to others that were again thriving. This seemed to reveal one of the roles that filters were playing in the weeding out process.

That's on page 2 at msg13

Some of the discussion is quite eye opening for me as i've not paid that much attention to any of it thus far, i just trundle along doing what i do and apart from (possibly) gettting a whack on a few sites that may have somthing to do with the discussion i've been pretty much ok.

Well worth a peek.



Anyone who isn't gfollowing the real deabate going on at SEW at the moment may have problems

where is the real debate @ SEW?

Can't seem to find the hilltop thread @ SEW, Kali - mind filling me in?

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