Pause Adwords Campaigns When Sites are Down

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High volume PPC players using Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing (Overture), or 7Search may like to know that a new service, patent pending, will pause your campaigns if your site is unreachable and restart them when all is well again...

Sounds like a good idea to me, but then im not a PPC guy, so im relying on the good boys and girls here to tell us what they think :)


there has got to be a way to

there has got to be a way to continuously monitor instead of periodically checking in.

whats up with them grouping 7Search with AdWords and Overture?

I am guessing the major search engines will add a feature like this anyway, as it does not help them to let clickers realize those ads are unreliable

It seems kind of crappy.

It seems kind of crappy. Good idea, but monitoring every 60 minutes seems slow...even every 15 is slow.

If your site is down when it checks, does it pause you campaign until it checks in 60 minutes before it goes live again? Usually when a site goes down for a reboot or something it is short, like 1-2 min...

even at 2 minutes of downtime per hr this thing would have a 1/30 chance of catching it...

If this paused 1-2 minute reboot for 60 minutes, you would end up hurting yourself more for the lost sales/clicks that you missed while the campaign was paused.

The best thing the SE's could do would be to only count for clicks when a page is loaded, this would eliminate paying for clicks when a visitor never waits to see your page...this would cut in to the SE's profits so it is not very likely.

I think if this program was increased to once every minute it would be worth getting, anything more than that and it is worthless in my opinion.

this would eliminate paying

this would eliminate paying for clicks when a visitor never waits to see your page...this would cut in to the SE's profits so it is not very likely.

the searchers trust in the ads is far more important than that small amount of profit.

The problem with checking a

The problem with checking a site every minute, even if it's just pinging the server is that it might not scale easily. Might be better to have the advertisers site ping their servers on a configurable interval. If the pings stop, the adwords stop till the pings start again...

Hey, anyone wanna start a biz? :-)

Yeah, it seems like we could

Yeah, it seems like we could create a better product then this with about $40 worth of programming. The downside to your method is that the webmaster would have to install some software, or one line of "over-my-head-code" on their server to ping "our service".

Why not take the product one step further and monitor for frudulent clicks on the fly and pause your campaigns when you get pounded by a new "high quality" adsense site?

Hmm, Its Fairly easy

To write a monitor that will auto check a website at a regular interval.

You can run it at your local PC or on a second server if you run more than one.

We already do it for monitoring DB connectivity and IIS processes.

The difficult bit is writing the auto-pauser/restarter for the adwords site.

Ramblings... would be good for those outages where your router hangs or your internet service is down for over an hour...both things that have happened to myself.

Having something installed at the client...can adwords, overture, and 7click campaigns be paused normally (Seriously, I do not know as I am just a publisher)? If not, wouldn't monitoring at the client site give the client the ability to pause domains at will by faking outage scenarios?

Finally, if your a big campaigner, would you have redundancy on your end anyway? I would see a web server pair (or farm), a DB server with RAID and great backups, and all these hosted in a data center that is multi-homed.

Comments & Clarification

These are all great comments, but I wanted to clarify a few issues:

- AdSupervision is not just for large advertisers (but conceptually it helps them the most since they are spending the most money). The service helps advertisers on a smaller budget since they typically do not host their own site, have their own servers or staff a programming team to develop their own solution to this problem.

- AdSupervision has a built-in triple-check or what we call "False Alarm Prevention." Regardless of the check interval you choose (60, 30, 15 or 5 minutes), if your site is down on the initial check, the system will check your site two more times (every two minutes) before sending a failure alert and will turn off your campaign(s) at that point only.

- InternetSupervision attempts to minimize the "false alarms" by using distinct geographic locations and mutliple tries. This would not be possible with a ping approach.

- It is best NOT to pause campaigns during normal server reboot that lasts less than 5 minutes. The reason is that it takes about 1 minute to pause and 1 minute to reactivate the campaigns. Plus, the time it takes to detect the failure (with retries) is too great in this instance. InternetSupervision avoids pausing campaign when it is not necessary.

- Advertisers pick the "check frequency" (5, 15, 30, or 60 minutes) based on their business requirements. The more frequent the more expensive. Anything less than 5 minutes is prone to "false alarms" since we need to make sure you are really down and not just down for a few seconds at the exact moment we check. Therefore, there must be a small delay between repeat checks to verify that it is indeed a failure.

- It's important to remember that AdSupervision is a service of InternetSupervision so it is bundled with a website and web server monitoring service and provides email, SMS and voice notifications should your website go down.

- In regards to the "ping" comments, advertisers/webmasters need external website monitoring. Even if the site is operational but there is a router/firewall or other network problem, the ping mechanism would not catch this problem. In addition, InternetSupervision performs checks of the webpages from external locations by loading them just as the surfer would when visiting the page. The ping mechanism would not be able to do the full cycle test and would fail to detect certain problems.

For example, if the website relies on a database backend (mySQL, Oracle, anything other DB) the Web Server (Apache, IIS, etc.) could be operational while the database is down (too slow, corrupt, etc.) With InternetSupervision, these and all other errors can be detected by monitoring a dynamic page (php, pl, asp, etc.) that connects to the database and fails when the database is down.

That's it folks, if anyone wants to try our website monitoring for free, send me an email.


PPC S, thanks for the

PPC S, thanks for the clarification. With that info I change my opinion to a positive one. Best of luck with the software. You should list that info on a page for people who are looking for more technical details.

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