Microsoft Muscles in on BitTorrent

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Microsoft readies BitTorrent alternative
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There should be some kind of law to prevent Microsoft from developing a BitTorrent alternative. Can you imagine that?


Its BitTorrent with

Its BitTorrent with ('super'?) parity files basically? Can't see why Bram can't implement that directly into the BT core without infringing on MS.

So does this mean that the

So does this mean that the RIAA and the MPAA will also have to, in the future, sue Microsoft like they are trying to sue Bittorrent or go after M$ to get their pet Congresscritters to pass a law banning file sharing technologies? Seems like if you outlaw or sue Bittorrent you would have to also do the same for Avalanche.

Disclaimer: I'm not a lawyer and never played one on TV, fineprint personal opinion disclaimer fineprint.

Bram comments upon the MS

Bram comments upon the MS Avalanche software, or lack thereof.

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