Google Moves to Control Your House?


Back in January of 2013, Google announced they were acquiring Nest Labs for just over $3Billion in cash. Why, because they no longer had room for the the $3billion in cash as it was taking up too much room.

Nest is a great product, controlling the temperature in hour house remotely or even with a programmable thermostat is one of the most economical things you can do to save money.  Barry Schwarz posted an article, Google’s Now Predicting How Your Home Should Run and how Nest and Google Now have finally integrated so your home appliances can be controlled directly by voice search and predictive search behavior.

By going to, you can easily go through the steps to set up your Nest device and start controlling the temperature right away.

Nest also has smoke and CO alarms that connect to both Android and IOS so you can monitor you home if there is a fire or CO issue. They not only tell you whether there is smoke, heat or CO but it tells you what room. Their big pitch is that you can “be informed” and “not alarmed” as it also monitors batteries letting you know if they need replacement or if the temperature is higher than normal and in a room.

I am not too sure how much I care how soft and gentle the digitally produced voice telling me there is a fire is, I do know that I would probably freak out anyway, grab everyone and run for the hills no matter how soft and stubtle the Nest voice was telling me there was a fire.