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Where is Lynndie? Where is Lynndie?
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We dont generally do politics at Threadwatch but when politics start to affect Search, we'd be fool not to report it right?

Andy pointed this slashdot post out to me just a few minutes ago. It shows that Google have apparently tweaked their image search to not show photos of Abu Ghraib being tortured in prison. Now the G search just shows sanitized pics taken outside the prison. Go try the same search at other engines, apparently this has happened very recently though i have no exact date..

What does it mean to the search industry when the current biggest player appears to be bowing to a US administration over politically undesireable searches?

The other, more sinister theory
What if, like Andy you beleive it's not government pressure at all but self imposed censorship? - We know big G take steps to erase certain forms of hate sites from their serps, but for me at least, when a major SE starts bowing and scraping to governments right after an IPO it spells trouble. Big trouble...


Don't Do Evil

Is what they say. Fits in quite well does it not?

They have removed pictures of people doing evil!

great catch, nick

google is keeping track of all of us. they are very closely linked with the FBI. everyone remembers when they were looking for employees with top-secret security clearances.

this is a new step, altogether. rather than keeping track of us, google has now stepped in to tell us what we can and cannot see.

strange if not the television but the internet becomes the Orwellian hydra in the end.

we have but recently beaten back (at least temporarily) the MS assault on the commons of the internet (.Net, hegemony of IE, WMP, DRM). and now an attack of a different kind from google.

we should expect more of the same. and be very, very careful people with both the toolbar and desktop search.

Why just the photos?

Its interesting that Google have not gone the whole hog on censorship.

They have "just" banned the photos, you can still get the web articles if you search for say " Private Lynndie England". Will these go too?

Can't be a government thing

Surely, or it would be happening on Yahoo etc too?

Catch & MS


All credit must go to Andy :)

not quite, not quite...

Funny old game eh?

Googles Explanation

Seems reasonable to me... though how come the images 'apparently' were there b4 then got bumped out the index?



(a) their image search is really really crap. (Which whey are embarrased about - fair enough)


(b) something very funny is going on.

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