What Publishers Want from You


Fractl and BuzzStream recently teamed up to survey 500 publishers to find out how to pitch a digital asset. Some of the most hard-hitting statistics include:

  • 81% were more likely to respond to a direct email (with a custom subject line that is 10 words or less) than social media
  • 85% wanted raw data; 67% wanted infographics or videos
  • 49% wanted to be the only publisher
  • Lifestyle and Entertainment assets have the greatest competition but assets that discuss Jobs, Animals or Climate are underutilized.

Using this study, it is best to create a digital asset that contains raw data about a job, an animal or the climate and pitch it via email to one high quality publisher. Of course, this would not garner virality swiftly, so the "best" process for publishers is unfortunately not the same for us marketers. However, we can use these statistics to fine-tune our strategies.