Best song ever written....

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I don't even know the real title, but for me: Beatles "i want you" or possible "sympathy for the devil" by the stones...


>>moterhead Ace of spades! I


Ace of spades!

I met lemy, he's a twat.



Speaking of twats...

-> Dreamer Deceiver by Judas Priest

...alas no-one knows it.

With God on Our Side - Bob

With God on Our Side - Bob Dylan

you met Lemmy?

I'm in awe :) I can't hear Ace of Spades without thinking of The Young Ones though....

Best all round song ever has to be Bohemian Raphsody?

And Tears from a Fool by WolfsBane (alas no one knows it either)


Haha, thats a blast from the past. I met them once in a record shop in Croydon.

Favourite songs of the week are Ring of Fire by Jonny Cash and Witness (1 Hope) by Roots Manuva.

Fave songs for today

Pusherman - Curtis Mayfield

Mercy seat - Johnny Cash

Hit me with your AlgoRhythm stick - Ian Dury

Bohemian Raphsody

With out a doubt this has to be the best song ever written

If you ask Google..

..they give you this polling site (disclaimer, happily nothing to do with me), which is not exactly volume numbers of voters, but they have got a top hundred.

Shows you the famous for fifteen minutes thing in pop music. Elvis, Stones and Beetles hardly feature. Who are they, I can hear some TW readers saying.

And interestingly, showing how the algos have diverged, Yahoo and MSN have a different slant on the question.

pass me the bucket.

I was reading down that list thinking how most of them actually were quite good (aside from the distressing amount of Elton John stuff in there) and then I saw

i'll make love to you- boyz II men

I'm sorry - that's not even funny.....

If you ask google

I was surprised I did not get a list of scraper sites listing the birdie song and agadoo but instead I found these

best all time songs

best all time rock songs

best sing a long songs

Not all are my taste but a very good selection all the same

That Rolling Stone list is

That Rolling Stone list is great. Looking at the number of songs from the '50s & '60s I can see why I like it.

But, for the best song ever written, I'm going to go with Irving Berlin's "Rhapsody in Blue," A complicated, syncopated, symphonic toe-tapper.

After finally getting a

After finally getting a windows machine back in the house i've been tuning into

I've discovered the "keiser chiefs" - absolutely bloody awesome...

Don't you think they sound a

Don't you think they sound a LOT like the Jam tho? Especially that "I predict a riot" tune?

I'd have to go for "Jesus children of America" - Stevie Wonder or "Don't let it bring you down" - Neil young. Depends on the prevailing winds tho. If I'm up to no good then "NIB" - Black Sabbath is my preferred sound track. Actually the whole Sabs back catalogue (Ozzy only) makes a great accompaniment to results oriented webmastering. :-)

Off the top of my head ...

Big Audio Dynamite - E=MC²
Simon And Garfunkel - Bridge Over Troubled Water
Journey - Don't Stop Believin'


And yeah, the Kaiser Chiefs CD rocks ...

Going to go and chuckle about the Wolfsbane post now ... ;)

I thought this thread was the best songs??

I thought we was talking about the best songs ever written jetboy :)

"... put a gun against

"... put a gun against Mick's head, pulled my trigger now he's dead ..." :)

Damn, hell of a tune.

we have a winner :)

as the only song with two votes I declare Bohemian Rhapsody best song ever (no really - it does appear in every list of best songs ever listed)

and omg - Joan Jett? I think I'm having a flashback, all we need now's a bit of Bon Jovi....

added - did I just find two other people who heard of Wolfsbane? In one thread?

bridge over troubled websites

When you're weary, feeling small
When tears are in your eyes, you cant dry them all
googles not on your side, when times get rough
And SEO friends just can't be found
Like a bridge over troubled websites
google puts me down
Like a bridge over troubled websites
google puts me down

song = lyrics?

If so, the lyrics from lazyboy "Underwar goes inside the pants" (G cache) are absolutely awesome. Imho some of the best stuff written today.

As for "ever written" I don't have an opinion on that. Too much good stuff around.

Ana Ng

By they might be giants. Without a doubt. ;-)

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