'Teleporting' over the internet

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'Teleporting' over the internet
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As an ex-physicist, I was intrigued by this BBC article which reports on a couple of professors in Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania who are working on "teleporting" and believe that, within a generation, we might be able to replicate three-dimensional objects out of a mass of material made up of small synthetic "atoms". We are not talking holograms here, we are talking solid objects. If it wasn't the BBC, you might think they were having us on.

Aparently using Walace & Gromit as their inspiration, they hit on the idea of "claytronics" as the basis of making the thing work.

They use the anology of a character in Lord of The Rings to show what they mean

He said that these cameras would work much the same way as the character of Gollum was created by capturing the movements of actor Andy Serkis in the Lord Of The Rings films.

Mr Serkis wore a special suit and the cameras were able to interpret his movements.

"That information is turned into some representation - a three-dimensional version of an mpeg [computer video file] - like a DVD," Dr Mowry added.

"You capture it digitally, ship it over across the network, and then reproduce a physical object that looks just like the original object, and moves just like it."

They do not seem to be letting on how far they have got, but it certainly looks doable, and the implications and uses are boundless.


Aside from the animated

Aside from the animated synthetic atoms, the output process sounds similar to 3D printers.


Ex-physicist, eh? It's surprising how many I've met online.


There's not much money to be made in physics as such, but the warped mind need for the subject is useful on the net.

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