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List of Top Earning Affilaites
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Not sure if I'm living under a rock or if this is new, but it's a list of top earning affilaites for affiliate managers to buy, and gain some intel on affiliates. Now of course it might be kind of interesting for an affiliate as well to see who's listed.

I picked this up from a new affiliate manager I'm working with. He publishes an RSS feed with updates and info about all of the different products he represents and any other news he needs/wants to pass along. Pretty smart idea methinks.



Divulging contents of the list is a violation

whereas the methods used to collect such data were not in violation of anything?

I gotta call you out on that.

Divulging contents of the

Divulging contents of the list is a violation (which Ditty has... from you as well?).....and yes we take breaking contracts seriously.

I don't care who your source is - Kellie or someone else. They've divulged contents to you, a non-customer. Otherwise (since I must spell it out) you would not be screaming about your confidential information in it

Was someone else I understanding correctly here. As someone who has purchased the List (yes Jeff sold me a copy), I can't discuss with person X who is on the List any information about person X that is contained on the List? Doing so would be considered an actionable contractural breach? Unless person X has also bought a copy. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to know who has bought a copy. Even though the information contained on the List was publicly obtained??

That would seem to rather limit the use of the List as far as recruiting affiliates. Well that would seem just to be rather limiting and potential legal issues for the buyer. I certainly understand those not on the List and who have not purchased it, especially with this type of report product. But what was quoted?


I don't know the owner of this list, or really care about it, but to me, if he/she wants to have a long term business selling this list - it makes sense to provide the people buying it useful info, rather than contacts that'll tell them to f off....I guess if they want to peddle useless contacts it'll die out out by it's self (domains are cheap :p ) and they'll have to move onto peddling some other crap - however, I guess, if they're serious in a business that may last a month or two, they'll start providing contact details of affs that are intersested in taking on new companies which might help the people they're selling their spamming lists to......but all in all, it seems a bit of a waste of time on both of sides - I'm still new to this market so that's all just IMHO

Sometimes irony is just too weird

"Someone who gave you information is breaking their contract with our company which we take very seriously"

Someone who violated contracts takes "very seriously" the breaking of contracts. That's comforting.

Whew, lots of discussion in

Whew, lots of discussion in the time I've been offline!

Your source puts themselves in harms way needlessly. Their choice. Not to mention their "ethics" in breaking a contract

Nah, she just remembered something and pulled it from her mental Rolodex. Just like you, Jeff!

Help me out ... how can one contractually prohibit anyone from sharing information that's supposedly already available from public sources? Jeff, you seem to be claiming rights that you are not willing (not without a fight, anyhow) to extend to the people whose info you are selling. This looks like a double standard to me. What am I missing?

On another note, I'd be extremely interested to hear people's thoughts about this concern raised by the unidentified blogger:

When a company is listed on a "Fortune 500" or "Crain's" type list, there is little-to-no chance that there will be a dozen duplicates of their business popping up all over the neighborhood the next day.

However when a block of my web sites are pointed out as highly successful, any thief who purchases the list can spider my site and have it duplicated and live within an hour.

It's pretty clear from your comments here, Jeff, that you're selling your list to more than just affiliate managers.

That opens a whole new can of worms. There's a lot more at stake here besides the issue of contact info being disseminated without consent. By pointing out websites (with or without contact information) in conjunction with the pronouncement that they are "top affiliates" ... you are serving them up on a platter for their competitors to dissect and digest.

Nice Guys Don't "Out" Other People's Websites.

A little reminder... Please

A little reminder...

Please stay civil guys, i dislike editing folks on general principle, but man, this is getting a bit ugly huh?

Jeff, i think you're losing an important battle - one of public respect, and of integrity.

My suggestion would be to back down, and set up a 'do not list' form on the site, and honor it.


Jeff, If a site of mine gets copied because its on your list, I'm not coming after the copier, I'm coming after *you* and the places you worked at.

You have been in the industry long enough to know what type of risk you are exposing your victims to, and if you didn't, Buckworks has pointed it out above.


Someone put this

guy out his misery and post the list, maybe a cleaned up version to protect the parties (sites, markets, etc.). Four hundred bucks is a small price to pay to clean this thing up.

I don't know you Jeff but it sounds like you landed in bad karma land with no force field to protect you.

If a site of mine gets

If a site of mine gets copied because its on your list

When that happens to someone it will be difficult for them to prove the source of the harm to anyone's satisfaction but their own.

(Gotta say .... "satisfaction" is an odd word in this context!)

Jeff it seems to me you've

Jeff it seems to me you've had more than enough time and opportunity to answer people's questions here directly and succinctly. You instead decided to meander about with tangental subjects and anecdotes in an attempt to deflect people's attention from that fact. If there are only two people who want off the list, and you've somehow determined that not accomodating them makes more more business sense for you, I don't really know what to say. I do have to say I agree with Nick, "you're losing an important battle - one of public respect, and of integrity".

>it will be difficult for

>it will be difficult for them to prove the source of the harm to anyone's satisfaction but their own.

You could have a lot of fun trying though.


I have asked Jeff previously to clarify where he got his data from and he has refused and instead decided to be coy about it. So, now I feel I must set the record straight on AffTrack's involvement, or lack there of in this case.

Yes, Jeff worked for AffTrack until January of 2004. He was hired because he already had a large rolodex of affiliates and he was going to introduce AffTrack to those affiliates. My understanding is that he built this list from his days at Performics and the subsequent time that he was consulting for various merchants via Molander & Associates. During his employment, he had limited access to data regarding our clients. For example, he knew who our customers were but not which merchants they had relationships with.

Although AffTrack does have relationships with many large affiliates, I would never be able to claim that we know who the top 200 affiliates are so I find claims that Jeff knows who they are to be suspect, at the very least. It is my understanding that the list is not a ranking nor is it definitively the top 200 affiliates as much as it is 200 high performing affiliates that Jeff is aware of. This does not mean that I approve of what Jeff is doing, only that I do not believe that actual performance data was used to compile Jeff's list. Much of what has been said appears to be hype to try to sell his list.

At no time during his employment or afterward did AffTrack give him AffTrack data for his list nor give him permission to use data from AffTrack for his list.

If anyone has any evidence that Jeff did take data from AffTrack for any purposes, please contact me privately at scott at afftrack dot com.

Scott McNulty
AffTrack, LLC

I still don't understand

I still don't understand where the financial information about the affiliates is from. Yes, anyone can figure out who is ranking #1 for Fancy Blue Widgets and get their whois information. But how do the top 200 (or whatever) get ranked based on what they earn? How does anyone know what they earn...and why is it anyone's business?

Also, maybe there aren't more complaints from people on the list because they don't know they're on the list.

By the way, Threadwatchers are ABWers are WMWers are SearchEngineWatchers, etc. Anger about private (and yes, linking people's websites with their home phone numbers/addresses and guesses about their finances *is* private) information being sold is pretty much a common feeling amongst most webmasters, I would imagine.


Well, i don't think this conversation can be taken much further for now. If Jeff wishes to change anything about his list significantly, then he can pm me, and we can re-open it.

As it is, it's unlikely that we'll do much more than go over old ground for now though, so with that in mind, i'm locking the thread.

Thanks everyone...

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