Yahoo Increases Search Market Share 2 Points in a Month - Pulling Up Alongside Bing for 2nd place


Spotted this today at SEL. Some of Marissa Mayer's acquistions and moves at Yahoo have left me scratching my head, but the partnership with Firefox was one of her better ones. StatCounter reports that Google's share in December was just over 75%, Bing's was 12.5% and Yahoo's was 10%, up from 8% the previous month.Pretty nice gain in 30 days and it's pretty much the result of their Firefox deal.

As more Firefox users update to 34, I think we can expect to see these trends continue for the near future and we might see Yahoo pull right up alongside Bing pretty soon for market share.



how long until people switch their firefox default browser back to Google :)


according to bloomberg loses most searchhare in the US since 2009: apparently, from 79% to 75% .... not sure that it means anything..right now at least ...but can't help but think that Google has its hands in so many things...does the golden goose lose out ...

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