Ambedo makes Short work of Search

Story Text:

I think you guys are gonna like this, i know i did: is a new interface to all manner of regular and vertical Search. It works by 'tagging' different search engines so that you can access almost anything from one page, quickly.

It's a big like YubNub that we told you about a few days ago, but works on the client side using Javascript, and to my mind, is a lot simpler, and more intuitive.

Go to Ambeda and try some of the following searches to get a feel for what i mean..

  • yahoo ipod
  • shopping ipod
  • msn ipod
  • actor tom hanks
  • ebay ipod
  • amazon ipod

You get the idea right?

There's a ton of stuff on the help page, far too much to mention in one post here...

And that's not all...
If you register, you can add your own tagged engines/sites. I didn't try that, but i will do in the morning. It's in beta at present, so if you like it, or not, please tell us here...