Google Translate to Now Include Real-Time Automated Translation


Although Microsoft has introduced their version of a real-time automated translater that works through Skype, enabling voice to be translated into spoken and written word, Google recently announced they too will be upgrading their translator to do the same.

An article from Barry Schwartz talks about how Google can translate hundreds of languages but is currently unable to do so with automated speech recognition.

The video example of Microsoft Skype translator is here.

Google’s translator isn’t perfect but it gets the job done when you need to grab a quick translation of a language that you don’t speak or write. I have friends that speak two languages and it’s fun to throw a couple of sentences into the translator only to find, when translated, I am speaking as though I was a second grader. The video is a really cool breakdown of the capabilities of what Microsoft has to offer and it will be interesting to see what differences there are with Google’s version.