Aaron and Barry Cover Battelle's WmW Keynote

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Aaron and Barry are both covering John Battelle's keynote at the WmW show today, Aaron here and Barry here. They're both terrific, thanks a lot guys...

In Barry's notes, he says Tabke explained why they don't allow linking to blogs, shame there wasn't a bit more detail on that, i'd love to have heard it...


Thats all he gave...but he

Thats all he gave...but he had the expression that it was a touch decision.

What I don't understand is

What I don't understand is why blogs are singled out. Senior members and mods can post urls to helpful BBS's and other web sites, why are blogs any different that that?

The only answer I can come up with is that Brett sees blogs as a big threat to webmasterworld. Everyone is able publish search engine friendly sites very easily. Brett wants people to come to webmasterworld for their information, not go elsewhere.

Brett wants people to come

Brett wants people to come to webmasterworld for their information, not go elsewhere.

Yup, he's very protective of his traffic, doesn't want to risk people finding a place they may prefer to WMW. Ironically of course, it's those very restrictions that drive some people off to other forums. Though I guess graphs are headed in the right direction regardless....

WMW Linked to Two Blogs..

..ho, hum...that link is to the supporters forum. Not all readers (not many) here are members of that!


Seeing as how we've gotten into wmw gossip mode, i've just been speaking to a friend of ours manning a booth at the show, he says it's VERY slow, and vegas seemed a lot bigger..

Anyone there right now, that confirm that or debunk it?

It's always slow on the floor

at WMW but that's really not what that show is about. I've been to three of them (unfortunately not at this one - been a little under the weather) and all of the business and discussions happen around a lot of coffee in the morning and the bar in the afternoon and late evening. People organize groups and go out during the afternoon and evening and that is where a lot of the business get's done - off premises.

If you're manning a booth at that show you're missing the boat, big time. I have had more productive dealings and solid ideas come out of WMW than any other trade show. The key is to get out and meet the people and build some relationships. Tell your friend to leave the booth for a bit and head to the hotel bar. That is where he'll find the people he's looking for!

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