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I've been looking around a bit, as one does, trying to work out if everywhere else is sufferring a shortage of participation at the moment. Looks like it could be...

This is the first summer i've run a community site, is it always this dull?


No. Personally, I think

No. Personally, I think individual blogs, IM, and private forums have fragmented the "market."

No drop in traffic though

No drop in traffic though rc, im just seeing less "participation" - though friday night was great fun....

I think everyone's busy bbq'ing, entertaining kids on summer hols now, etc etc...

Though i do agree with your general point, we've talked about it alot in the past - that's just the way things are now...

>busy bbq'ing, entertaining

>busy bbq'ing, entertaining kids on summer hols now, etc etc...

That's some of it, I'm sure. But there's a change going on within our industry --I can't quite put my finger on it, but it's there. I started to post the other day that even Scoble seems to have peaked. (Not that he's within our industry.)

No, i can't quite fathom it

No, i can't quite fathom it either.

I suspect that it'll get worse before it get's better - i really think a lot has to do with summer in respect to TW specifically, but there's no way to tell...

The weird thing, the thing that throws me off of an easy conclusion, is that the traffic has gone up if anything (not by much, but it's not dipped..)

Oh well, if people are reading, it may well be a case of ride it out and see what happens - adsense is up too heh...

>traffic has gone up The web

>traffic has gone up

The web can't inherit all the audience of TV, newspapers, radio, and yellow pages without tipping the scales a bit, Nick. Hell, even JohnQ here in Podunk is starting to take an interest in what I do (and have been doing for 9 years, but it's somehow "all new" to them now, hhh) so I get the general feeling that there are more eyeballs to be had on just about any subject.

...That said, something has changed. G now generally accepted as a mega-media corp? Yahoo a good search community citizen? MSN a 3rd player, a real 3rd player? I dunno.

Like watching cement set

>>This is the first summer i've run a community site, is it always this dull?

Usually, yes. Things just slow down and tumbleweeds start blowing down the street of many forums. Then school starts and things liven because there are fewer family outings, and once the US goes back to Standard Time from Daylight Savings Time in the Autumn things will pick up even more.

rcjordan has it right too, the industry is much more fragmented and I think the advent of blogs has gotten some people out of the participation aspects we take for granted in the forum format.


Hey, wait till August.

You've come across 'Silly Season' before Nick eh?

Depends on your audience.

Depends on your audience. Things definitely slow down when the younger crowd isn't in school. Many of them have high-speed connections in school that they don't have at home. Plus, there's the avoiding homework factor too...

Summer Slump

I have found the UK "6 week holiday" is the slowest for everything but when it is sunny in the UK people lose all motivation - perhaps that is why people are still clicking but can't be arsed contributing? ;O) September things settle down to normal. I take it a lot of people are not at wmw?

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