Google Blurr Lines On Paid Listings, Testing New Format

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AdWords format change?
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Paul notices that Google appear to be testing new Adwords, and premium links in their results pages. If you can't see it, the premium listings at the top of the page are no longer stretching out across the whole page, but are being cut off just where the "natural" listings would break. This blends them in with the natural results, and makes them less noticeable as paid listings. Also, the Adwords boxes on the left come further up the page to fill the gap....

ooh er missus...


IE Only?

I checked this out in Firefox first and didn't notice any changes. Tried it in IE and noticed the new layout. I took a screenshot in case other don't see it - check it out at:

Saw in FF Earlier..

For once, it seems like Google is copying the layout of Yahoo's SERPs. CTR on the third AW listing is going to be hurt on for sure.

Be interesting to see what

Be interesting to see what this does to CTR and conversions. Think it looks better. The `sponsored results` message for horizontal slots is now closer to the ad text, and the top right spot is now higher.

Not been long enough yet, but going to guess its going to make the two horizontal spots less valuable. Would of thought this new change makes it easier to spot the horizontal ads are sponsored results, and also increase CTR for the ads on the right.

oh well....from the horse's

oh well....from the horse's mouth....

Similarly, the hosts of Websites on which the ads are presented (referred to as "Website hosts" or "ad consumers") have the challenge of maximizing ad revenue without impairing their users' experience......Consequently, high cost-per-click ads show up near or at the top, but do not necessarily translate into real revenue for the ad publisher because viewers don't click on them. Furthermore, ads that viewers would click on are further down the list, or not on the list at all, and so relevancy of ads is compromised.

Personally I think it's an

Personally I think it's an improvement. Getting onto searcher's monitors without paying the highest CPC is a bonus for adwords users.
The one thing I'd hate to see happen is for Google to go the Ask Jeeves route and remove the highlighting in the horizontal sponsored results so they look like organic results 1 and 2 (or 10 in ask's case).

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