MSN set to test OneCare Live

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MSN anti-virus beta
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You can now register your interest in becoming a beta tester for Microsoft's OneCare Live anti-virus software. Currently only open to US residents, the test will run over the summer and will be followed by a wider public beta test later in the year.

Sign up here and use the GuestID: onecare



You've got to know the world has gone upside down when Microsoft offers anti-virus software to protect users from the hackers and viruses that take advantage of Microsoft's poor script. Its like the local automobile club putting oil on the road on purpose and then providing the towing service when you slip and lose control

dont agree

I am not MS lover but do you think that MS is guilty for all the viruses, spyware out there....come on, dont be blind!

What do you like more, the system which is patched few times a week (month) or system which is "free" but noody cares about security?

There are solution such as Opera, third party anti virus, spyware removers etc...but as far as I can see, it is always you (mean human being) who uses dumb computers and allow installations of "suspicious" SW.

Have a nice one.
Pavel from Czech republic.

MS and Antivirus

Not new, they have done it before. Microsoft Antivirus used to come with DOS. Why shouldn't they do this now?

Win security updates,

Win security updates, patches and vulnerabilities are just so, public. My Gentoo box has several security updates a week, and in the case of today, half a dozen or so...

It's just not such a big deal as its distribution, maketshare or whatever you'd call it, is so much less than win..

It *is* kind of funny to think of MS running a security product, but yeah, why not?

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