Pay Per Call on a Roll, Pushed by Click Fraud

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Kelsey Group: Consumers, Click Fraud Will 'Compel' Pay-Per-Call Adoption
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An optimistic report on the pay per call model from Kelsey Group says that call tech could bag as much as $4bn worth of the PPC pie by 2009, and that Click Fraud could be a big factor...

Sterling added that one of the factors that could drive adoption of pay-per-call models is the problem of click fraud--clicks generated by programs or individuals that do not generate real leads, but nevertheless cost an advertiser money. "If click fraud becomes perceived to be a widespread problem, companies might opt for calls instead of a click product," he said. The search engines are addressing it, but they're not doing it in a public way. If, over time, [companies] don't perceive value there--if they don't perceive that those clicks are real leads, but they want alternative online marketing--this could be that alternative."

I love the idea of pay per call, i can't wait to see it more widespread. As far as i remember, the only big boys doing it so far are AOL right?


LOL, has anyone thought this through?

So - online advertisers don't like click fraud, and see pay per call as a less risky method?


I'm looking for partners in a new business idea I just got. We go to some developing nation with a pool of reasonable English speakers and a ropey telephone system. All we need is to hire a bunch of students and a good phreaker or two. The students sit in a room making calls to mesothelioma lawyers all day, the phreakers keep the overhead down.

We market the service to large, unscrupulous companies, and possibly on an agency basis to the existing click fraud pirates, who already have a client base. Somewhere in Eastern Europe would seem to be a good location for this.

All marketing is throwing mud at a wall, and prying that some sticks. Onlines strength is that it is more measurable, but don't allow yourself to think that that makes it perfect.


..dead cheap....


You'd still need a decent pipe. VoIP is a hack using the wrong techonolgy to do a job on the cheap, and the results can reflect that....

Still, it's harder to fake phone calls than clicks!

You cannot deny that it will be much harder to fake telephone calls than to fake clicks. Asumming the company running the service is keeping track of all incoming calls and the numbers they are made from, I think it will be relatively easier to police.

Time will tell and we'll have to wait and see...

>> keeping track of all

>> keeping track of all incoming calls and the numbers they are made from

>>>> a good phreaker or two

>> much harder to fake telephone calls than to fake clicks.

Yes, but not impossible, so it will happen, I guarantee it. Bear in mind that every call you make to a call centre could also be made to drag on for an hour. If you can tie up your competitors order taking capacity with fake "enquiries", how many customers do you think might hang up and try the next result?

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