Help, anyone saved a baby bird before?

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A little off-topic i know...

We found this baby bird in the forrest, it seems healthy enough but must be a baby as it can't fly. It's about big enough that you can hold it in one hand carefully but it's not tiny by any means...

Has a yellow mouth, dark brown feathers with light brown flecky chest - and if that's a baby, it'll be a big bird (heh..) IF it grows up..

I have no idea what to do with it, at present it's in a shoe box, with a doorway cut into it in the chicken run (no chickens)

What should i try and feed it to keep it going till tomorrow when i can get some vets advice?

Poor little chap, i really hope he makes it through the night...


Oh Shit...

Q: What do I do if a bird has fallen out of its nest?
A: It is natural for nestlings to jump out of the nest just before they can fly, and for the parents to bring them food during this period.

Hope i've not fucked the poor little sods chances right up here, gonna try and put him back..

Put a load of bugs in the

Put a load of bugs in the blender and feed it bug-porridge using a (toy) syringe. If it tosses the lot, then it's prolly a veg bird, and you'll have to go with berries instead of bugs.

Hmmm, sounds like a baby blackbird - but what do I know...


That's what ivana thought.

You think we should try putting him back? I think he's a fledgling, and at this time of year im guessing he's about ready to fly and just 'hopped out'....?

You can put him back (more

You can put it back (more or less) and still watch from a distance. If it's a real poor sod then you'll be able to catch it again, right?

BTW - where'd you get the baby bird resource (it's good!)? G, Y, M or something more obscure? (Heh, let's make this a SE(O) thread)

Actually, i went straight to

Actually, i went straight to MSN!

what to feed a baby bird - found it in this one

feeding baby birds - first choice, good but not quite what i wanted

I didnt compare the results though..

The little fella has either left the chicken run, or is hiding in the weeds. It's a hot night so i think he'll be allright till morning, when we'll finally get the weeding done in there (new house, we'll get chickens eventually but not yet..) and find him if he's still in there.

It's prolly a little wishful thinking, but he was awfully big, so i think he stands a good chance, and if i do catch him again, we'll try and put him back...

gotta be careful...

chickens will kill the newbies to establish a 'pecking order'. I'm not sure if they will do this to babies, but you might want to check on him.

It's empty grnidone.. He's

It's empty grnidone..

He's MIA at the moment, but there's lots of dense undergrowth in there so he'll be quite snug till morning unless he's done a runner through the bars..

Flown the Coop

Looks like he's hopped it, either that or he's dead and i havn't found him yet :(

I think he stands a good chance though, he was strong, and almost ready to fly...


Working hard ukgimp? hehe!

Hmmm they've yet to invent

Hmmm they've yet to invent the self-burying dead bird. 10-to-1 says it didn't like the confines of the chicken run. Mind you: most birds, esp. chicks, are all feathers and no body*. Most can squeeze through the gaps of a standard chicken run. (Did you build that yourself then?)

* come to think of it, that goes for all kinds of chicks heheheh

>>Did you build that

>>Did you build that yourself then?

No, came with the house, i'll try get a photo soon. It's really large, and has nice pretty rose bushes all round the top :)

We pick up some chickens this week, 4 hens and a cock i think..

And yeah, he could easily have got through the bars in this thing..

We tried to save a bird

We tried to save a bird once. Put it in a shoebox and came back to check in the morning. Hard as a rock poor sod.

we have a magic cupboard

everything half dead or mauled gets put in an outside cupboard, it has a small hole under the eaves and one by the door. In the morning things are either dead or gone - but mostly they're gone - I think a bit of quiet and a dark place does wonders for something small hurt and frightened.

That's why...

...I don't turn on the light in the toilet at night.

I raised a bird that fell

I raised a bird that fell out of a nest. Here is what I did.

It was just a hatchlin and all I did was cram freaking piece of bread down it's throat. The bird was full grown in 3 months and shitting all over the porch so we took it to the bird sanctuary around here and dropped it off.

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