1 in 10 Top UK Sites Not FireFox Friendly

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Firefox users turned away from 10% of top UK sites
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It always astonishes me when i visit what i'd consider a professional grade website only to find that it won't function properly in anything but IE. Worse, some sites still have a "you must be using IE4.0 or higher" notice instead of letting you even try to read the damn page. Arsewipes and dipshits, did they hire web designers to do this? And it's only slowly, very very slowly getting better.

The Register report on findings from SciVIsum that say out of the top 100 UK sites, 10 were inaccessible to standards based browsers due to non-standard coding...

I wish i could say i was shocked...


Going to go slightly off topic here...

I'd have to question the SciVisum study. Why? Because I find it very difficult to lend any credence to these types of studies produced by companies who don't even pass the first test in usability, the validation process. I checked 70 pages of the SciVisum website and only 5 passed Transitional. Many of the errors are usability and accessibility errors. Shame on them!

These days there are some fairly good software programs out there that will perform these tests that they refer to. I have a program called AccVerify which works with FrontPage and produces reports that will knock your socks off. Problem is, if you don't understand them, they are useless. And, if you don't practice what you preach, that makes them even more questionable. ;)

I'm dealing with a third party provider now for a client and they are providing ASP.NET web services. What a mess that has been for Firefox users. The developers even wanted to post a message "telling" users that they would have to "upgrade" their browser. They told the client that Mozilla represented less than 1% of the browser market. I presented client stats that showed 9-10% of their users were using a Mozilla based browser, mainly Firefox. Developers can be real dingbats sometimes. And of course vice versa. :)

All I can say

Is boo-hoo ;O)

Why are you so upset about this? This is not prejudice it's ignorance.

You are nearly always free to use a competitor and if not in the rare cases where you absolutely MUST use that one web site then use the browser they ask for.

The only thing they SHOULD do is make it accessible (which often makes it cross-browser), anything else is just geek-griping by techno-fascists ;OP

don't even pass the first

don't even pass the first test in usability, the validation process.

I wouldn't say validation was a requirement for usability, let alone the first test of it. Yeah it's good to validate, and it can be a great way of troubleshooting some problems, but if a site doesn't quite validate for a couple of reasons, it's not the end of the world. The site may still be perfectly useable and accessible despite falling foul of some small points. It's also perfectly possible to have a site that validates to XHTML1.1, but be wholly unusable (and in fact is likely to be unusable considering IE won't work it out properly) and inaccessible.

It is annoying though, you think a professional web site should be done to a professional level, not some amateur half hearted effort, charging full whack for a site that isn't up to scratch.

Browser detection is stupid, even more so when they stop you getting into a site because you need to 'upgrade' from your current, recently released browser, to a browser that's about 4 yrs old.

Loved the quote from Odeon

Loved the quote from Odeon Cinemas on the BBC report:

The Odeon website, which is listed by SciVisum as one of the culprits, has already come in for criticism about how accessible the site is for disabled users.

An Odeon spokesperson said: "Firefox users can enter the site and get all the information about cinema listings and screening times, just without the bells and whistles of the fancier site.

"Instead of using the Enter button, they should use the text-only version."

Not much you can say that that astonishing level of marketing incompetence.

I think it was odeon....

didn't someone scrape the odeon site and recreate it in a cross-browser friendly format, host it etc at no cost to odeon and making no profit, and then get a c&d and get forced to take it down?

what's worse is...

When the site has won't even let you soldier on with your chosen browser, and chucks you out to their "go get IE 5+" page. You can seem them thinking "Our code is sh1te, we really mustn't let this get out. Lets block eveything else!"

Yes - most of them are mine ;)

...which is a real nuisance seeing as I use Firefox

(must get around to updating them)

Accessible Odeon

Yes you're right Gertie - http://www.dracos.co.uk/odeon/

Actually from the looks of that he's got it working again with a greasemonkey and a custom script.

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