Are you a "guy" brand? Might want to revisit Pinterest


Pinterest has long been thought of as a network with a very strong female user-base but in an effort to expand they're trying hard to capture the male demographic and become a social platform with something for everyone. One way they're doing this is with the recently announced gender-personalized searches. Marketingland has some good examples and info at: but the basics is that when you sign up for the site and search a topic, Pinterest will try to gear results to your gender. I especially liked the "shoes" example in the article.

Between the increased analytics Pinterest has implemented and this new method of search personalization, if you're a brand that focuses on "guy stuff" it seems like Pinterest might be a good place to start promoting your content and wares. If anyone has a brand with a strong male target market and is on Pinterest, I'd love to hear about your thoughts and results!