Goddamit! I WILL read a non scifi book!

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Ok, so im an avid fantasy fan, so much so that i havn't read a single non scifi book since Richard Bransons biography, quite a few years back now i think...

It's not that i don't want to, i just can't seem to get 'into' anything else, but im going to try, with the davinci code. Ivana tells me it's very simple stuff without tooooo many long words so i might like it...



The Beach by Alex Garland - best if you haven't seen the film first but it's addictive - I've given copies to 2 people who 'don't read' and they both finished it within a week.

Is that the one with that

Is that the one with that pug faced little twat who's name i cant remember in the film?

davinci code was good. but

davinci code was good. but i really enjoyed a book nffc gave me, seems it's spawned a website


but ignore the film, the book is soooo good.

Under the Banner of Heaven

I'm reading this now and WOW it's a good read. All about how the Mormon church came to be and then how the Mormon fundamentalists split off and what their practices are now.

Here it is at Amazon.

Non-SF is tough

The most recent non-SF book I've read was a murder mystery Bangkok Tattoo by John Burdett - I enjoyed it alot. At Amazon.

Yeah get over it Nick :-)

Some of my favourites:

Touching the Void - Joe Simpson
Bonfire of the Vanities - Tom Wolfe

Under the Banner of Heaven

I saw some show like 60 minutes where they had the author and a rep from the Mormon church. It seemed like much of the book was not well researched - lots of hype, a great author, but little fact. I guess the same can be said of the Davinci Code. A very good read, but nothing to back it up - according to the experts.

Anyhow, since some of us are geeking out - Star Wars, The Revenge of the Sith was a good read. Much deeper than the film.

that's a brilliant book

Don't read it in public people look at you strange when you laugh. Also Googlewhack

I'd choose Angels & Demons

I'd choose Angels & Demons over the DVC, if you're going for Dan Brown.


...how people actively link to Amazon to show a book, whereas if you just post the ISBN that is all taken care of. ;)

Chung Kuo


If you want to wean yourself off sci-fi/fantasy slowly you might like to try
David Wingrove's Chung Kuo series
- which deals with a future world with a Chinese-oriented society and some interesting ideas about technology/liberty, etc but isn't full-on sci-fi.

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