Yahoo! Pulling Chat Rooms over Sex Content

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Yahoo Closes Chat Rooms Over Sex Content
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I read rumours about this a week or so ago, now AP report that Yahoo! are pulling over 100 chat rooms due to protests from sponsors over "sex content"...

ompanies such as PepsiCo Inc., State Farm Insurance and Georgia-Pacific Corp. stopped advertising on Yahoo after they were informed that adults were attempting to lure children into sexual encounters within some of Yahoo's user-created chat rooms, according to a report by KPRC-TV in Houston.

KPRC reported that in some cases, men were using Web cameras to send lewd pictures to minors in chat rooms with such titles as "Younger Girls 4 Older Guys" and "Girls 13 And Under for Older Guys."

Yahoo's user generated content schemes seem to running somewhat afoul of under-policing. I can't find the story, but there was something very similar to this a month or two back. Anyone remember what it was?