Yet Another Google/Yahoo! Comparison Engine

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Russell Groks Yahoo
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We may have to stop reporing on these comparison engines, it's not exactly hard to do, shit even i could write one! Twingine is yet another, reported by Yahoo's resident tantrum thrower Russell Beattie.

What a Plank

Russell is a bigger knob than i'd at first thought. If your referer header is from TW he's redirecting traffic to wikipedia - what a fucking prick.


You can cut and paste that url if you really need to visit this tossers website.


Wierd one here..

.. I appear to be getting a redirect to

when I click on "tantrum thrower" on Nick's blurb above. When I cut and paste the link to Russell Beattie's site, then I get his site.

Has he a redirect on for traffic from TW?

Just done the header check with TW as referer, and what do you know :-)

That would be like him...

That would be like him...

though saying that, it doesn't do that for me...

try this then

with referer blank and then redo as referer as TW.

If TW is your referer (I used this thread as my referer) you get

HTTP/1.1 302 Moved Temporarily

No referer gives you
HTTP/1.1 200 OK

well, you can't do it with

well, you can't do it with referer blank AND referer TW heh!

But i see your point, my referer headers are switched off, so that's why i can do it i guess...

Definitely a 302 to Wikipedia ..

..if you come from TW.

Presumably goes back to the heady days of this one

I remembered you two had a spat before!


Gotta hand it to the guy, he's a fast worker. I wonder if he's ever done this before when the link referal text isn't to his taste.

So is Russell doing a 302

So is Russell doing a 302 hijack of wikipedia in Google? Or is this just a form of cloaking?

>>quick That might have well


That might have well been there since he IP blocked me for disagreeing with his point of view in the comments of his blog..


Yeah, that could be fun heh.!

So is Russell doing a 302

Googlebot gets

HTTP/1.1 200 OK

I realised that I had not been thinking clearly, if Googlebot follows any link from ThreadWatch, it does get a 302 (its only Googlebot from referrers other than TW that get the 200 OK message)
So from any TW link to Mr Beatties Blog, G'bot gets the message "HTTP/1.1 302 Moved Temporarily." and sends Googlebot to
Isn't the good Mr Beattie effectively 302ing himself, rather than Wikipedia or indeed TW


Sorry if I am being dim. Doesnt gbot just collect links and then visit the list of links later? So there wouldn't be any referrer info.

Must admit with the heat and my lack of sleep I might be missing something :O)


I am no expert in 302s, just learnt what I could in the hard school of life to try to straighten out some of the deficiencies in G's algo.

Does anyone have a definitive view on who is 302ing who here, if indeed anybody is?

I dont think he's 302ing the

I dont think he's 302ing the bots, afaik bots don't actually provider any referer data and as Chris said makes a note of the link and where it was found, and then goes back at some point to scrape the data.

So, IMO all the bot would 'see' would be the link to his blog and thats it. In order for the bot to receive a 302 it would have to both follow the link and provide a referer string too.

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