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Matt Cutts announces new AdSense spam report feature
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One for the connoisseurs, Jenstar reports on a talk given by Matt Cutts. Apparently Google have now a quick way of reporting AdSense spam sites such as scraper sites and terms/policies violating sites. To file such a report, you go to the page that is showing AdSense ads and click on the "Ads by Google" link. In the form on the next page, include the term "spamreport" and put in a short reason about why you feel the site is violating the AdSense terms or policies. It can be done anonymously!

Seems to be problematical to me. Will they ever read them, what percentage will be time wasters or malicious. The "spamreport" header looks from the same school as "canonical" which really did little good.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see whether AdSense spam goes up or down! There are a heck of a lot of "made for AdSense" sites out there. I can see them getting swamped!

NB, though i change titles on a regular basis, this one nees a claim of ownership :) ~NIck W


And MSN are thinking its an idea too..

..this little snippet is from msndude at WMW

There are no plans yet to roll the changes back, sorry happy! We will, however, make tweaks and improvements on an ongoing basis.

We encourage you to use our feedback report to tell us about spam.

If you are spamming us (using black hat techniques) and want to tell on your buddy who is ranking higher than you, that is great. If you are using legitimate techniques then telling us about spam will also be helpful for you and for us.

- msndude

You've gotta love it...

  • SERPS full of "undeserving domains" - Fill in a spam report
  • Oh my, an enormous amount of very influential people have a problem with blog spam, i know! Let'''s give them rel="nofollow", we wont not follow it but it will shut the MF's up for a while...
  • Scraper sites are hitting the mainstream press! I know, let's put a spam report feature on it, sorted!

You've got to admire the way they get the people that have a problem with these things to take responsibility for it....


>>nd click on the "Ads by Google"

Holy shit, another webmaster against webmaster ploy...

I'd completely missed the signifcance of that first time around...

are Google going to start

are Google going to start taking action against automated MFA sites? what is the general feeling?

I thought their current policy was to pass the issue to the search results guys instead of closing the adsense account? Does this indicate a change of internal policy?

If they just close the adsense account there are plenty of other 2nd PPC ad providers who would be willing to give you their ad code :) not to mention you could just start numerous LTD companies and applying back to adsense with them.

Seems to be a DMOZ sort of system

In other words tons of spam reports are going to pile up in the equivalent of "unreviewed" at DMOZ

Humans are presumably going to run through these at Google

and now there is the official "spamreport" keyword so that it gets to the right team who is in charge of quality checking potential AdSense terms and policies violators.

Assuming they are humans (perhaps the "eval" people), it's odds on that they will be overwhelmed by submissions, many of which may be automated (better be safe than sorry, report everybody!)

If I were them

I'd sort them by source (page report was made from) and flag it for action after a certain number of complaints.

If I had Adsense-for-spam sites and was worried I can think of a way to prevent reports from my pages with half an hours work which most site users wouldn't pick up on - so I suspect anyone who's really concerned has already done it or something better.

I doubt the 'real' adsense spammers are going to suffer too much unless competitors are targetting them.

churn is good

Today : X webmasters making Y dollars via AdSense.
Then: A spam report shuts down a site. A new sites takes the spot.
Tomorrow: X webmasters making Y dollars via AdSense, X+1 webmasters competing.

All good for G.

automated form submission

So when does someone start running automated scripts to submit stuff into these form. I just can't see a self policing system working here, I just see msn, google etc using this so they can say they are not responsible.


I don't run scraper sites,

I don't run scraper sites, but I'm curious in what way a site that scrapes search engine results and places advertising beside it, is so much more evil than a search engine that scrapes webmaster sites, and places advertising beside it.

So far as I understand it, the preceived problem hasn't been that scraper sites exist, as much as that scraper pages can rank particularly high for their targeted keywords. In which case, isn't this an algo issue primarily?

I've been banned

Well I can say that I just lost a series of sites.
The pages are still cached, but the PR is gone and the back links no longer show up.

Interestingly the google adsense ads are still on topic and making my money form MSN traffic.

I'm off tho the adsense alternative threads now so I can avoid this happening to all my sites :)

I don't run scraper sites,

I don't run scraper sites, but I'm curious in what way a site that scrapes search engine results and places advertising beside it, is so much more evil than a search engine that scrapes webmaster sites, and places advertising beside it.

I think some of them screw up link profiles of high ranked sites and cause many sites to get filtered out of the search results.

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