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Make Poverty History
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You have probably seen a TV ad already for the 'Make Poverty History' or 'One' campaign. There are several websites: US: http://www.one.org UK: http://www.makepovertyhistory.org please use your influence online to promote this important movement up to the 1st of July.

Nelson Mandela and Bono from U2 are leading the campaign to try and influence world leaders on issues such as aid, debt and aids policy.

I'm using my advertising space at Digital Point's coop to run banners to support the campaign and expect a few others will join in over the next 7 days.

Each of the above mentioned sites have banners and images of various sizes you can use.

Websites from other countries are listed here: http://www.whiteband.org


oh, but we've got plenty of food in the world

- didn't know about those campaigns (are they three campaigns or is it one campaign that has three names?)

In the EU we have butter mountains, beef mountains, wine lakes, and soforth. Tonnes and tonnes of food and beverages piled up in multiple extremely large "surplus inventory" facilities. All perfectly good and healthy food, nothing wrong with it at all.

Only reason it's piled up in inventories (and ultimately destroyed) like that is to keep the food prices high. It might sound insane given the state of the world, but it's true nonetheless.

I don't know if it's the same in the US. I don't think so, as there's not really that tradition of agriculture subsidies, afaik. But perhaps I'm wrong.

There's no reason for the individual citizen to buy and carry a white band - how does that help any hungry person in the third world anyway? All it takes is that the bureaucrats take the food that we've already produced and distribute it to the needy. It's there already, and more is being produced every day.

One Campaign

It's all one campaign, and as silly as it may seem... the white band concept is one of the most successful social action campaigns in a very long while.

The purpose of wearing one is to get people advertising the campaign on their wrist, other people ask about it and visit the website / sign the petition and add their voice to the campaign.

The number of people involved and supporting the campaign signals to politicians it is something their constituency cares about and they need to pay attention to and act on.

Consequently, the G8, have agreed to write off the US$ 40 billion debt owed by 18 mainly African countries ahead of the G8 July summit in Scotland.

Totally agreed on food stockpiles... thats crazy.

The U.S. also has stockpiles

But perhaps I'm wrong.

Yep. The US has huge stockpiles of food. In fact, we produce so much food that the government *pays* farmers to *not* farm their land. If left unchecked, US food prices would be so low as to almost be free.

...as there's not really that tradition of agriculture subsidies, afaik.

We have HUGE subsidies. Nebraska alone has received many billions$$ of subsidies since 1995.

White Bands

Thanks so much for bringing this up. :) I just ordered my white bands last week and for those living in Holland they can be ordered at: http://www.maakhetwaar.nl/

BBC1 is running a great series done by Bob Geldof about Africa. Very informative and well done. The next show is Monday 7:30 pm GMT.


**added- Another great site: http://www.whiteband.org/

1 million expected in Phila

I live just outside Philadelphia, where the Live 8 concert is going to be on Sat. We'll be camping in the mountains in northeast Pennsylvania over the weekend, with no cable TV, so we're scrambling to get an alternative set up there so we can watch the concert (in the woods no less). If anyone purchases the ONE t-shirts ($10 US), shipping fees are killer, and they don't warn you until you get to the end of the cart. I ordered the bands for my kids and their friends. Stuff like this helps generate conversation with young people, like my kids,who take so much for granted.

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