Should people be allowed to be anonymous on the web? China doesn't think so.


In an article on TechCrunch, it was stated that starting March 1, 2015 China will begin forcing users of web services to register with their real name and their ID. This new regulation is an attempt to exert control over news and public information. This type of censorship is not new to China. The question is though, how can the government possibly expect to accurately enforce the new regulation?

According to the article, China will not only expect the users themselves to register in this manner, but they will also expect the internet companies themselves to implement the new measure and track the users. I wonder what this will mean for internet companies that have users in China. Does this only apply to companies that operate within China's borders? Or does it apply to any company that allows China's citizens to use the services?

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Should people be allowed to enjoy a certain level of anonymity on the internet?