How to Prevent Social Media from Being a Huge Time-Suck


When it comes to small business, almost every day someone is pitching them on the value and importance of social media. But, having someone run all your social media can be expensive and it can be tough to translate social activity into ROI. This article: Social Media Time-Saving Tips by Kevan Lee is full of tools and tricks to cut down on wasted time. Basically the key is to be organized, have a set process, work in advance, use software tools to increase efficiency and set aside an hour a day for social marketing rather than trying to do it "when you have time".

Do you have tips & tricks to save time and make your social media marketing more efficient? What are your favorite tools or plug-ins? Bonus points for free tools!


To stop it,  you need to come

To stop it,  you need to come up with great ideas. It comes when you least expect it, which is why it pays to have an efficient system in place to capture everything. And also what we called "insights", like facebook insights, It would help to stop social media from being a huge time-stuck. And the best thing I could advise is focus on what you have and don't be annoyed by other's opinion.

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Good advice! According to the

Good advice! According to the article, people spend an average of 1.5hr per week wondering what social media action to take. That's a lot of time sitting there staring at the screen! The article had a lot of tools to find good content and Klout isn't too bad for finding stuff too, though I found it mostly only provided articles from the major publishers.

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