Quiet out there isn't it?

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We had, quite literally, torrential rain and thunderstorms this morning. It was wonderful, i absolutely love really, really foul wheather... I like to walk my dogs in it, 'cos you can almost garuntee you're not going to meet some arse that wants chat...

about 5pm we got our chickens delivered! 5 of them, 4 hens and a cock, some miniture breed i can't remember the name of, 8wks old... - they're lovely, we've called them Richard, Hyacinth, Rose, Daisy and Elisabeth. Thy're busy getting used to their enormous chicken run, and im about to shoo them into the indoor bit for the night, lovely... (will take photos tomorrow)

oh, and im going to watch the last lord or the rings tonight on sky, kinda looking forward to that..

Done anything this weekend?


Started My

Open water diving course.

They might even let me in the sea tommorrow..

It is in the 90's F. here

It is in the 90's F. here again today. It has been so dry the lawn is starting to look brown and crunchy so no mowing this weekend.

I watered a flower bed that looked like it needed it. Other than that not much is happening.

I have been playing with Opera 8.01 for the Mac and it is quite nice except you can really only search with Google on it - you get no choice. It is fast. This isn't 2001 when the only search engine left on Earth was Google, they need to get their minds around letting the customer choose. Why should I pay $40 and not be able to specify a different web engine and add others?

Last night I watched "The Green Berets" with John Wayne - good battle scenes.

What else

Watching Glastonbury on t'telly (Sky BBC3 channel 115) and wishing I was there :O)

I've been saying I'll go

I've been saying I'll go there for years and still haven't managed it. Looks like they had some interesting weather!

The world is yours...

Taking photos for a personal web project today while the weather was fine, and then watched Al Pacino (Scarface) with thunder and lightning as a backdrop (not sure if we're sending it to you, Nick, or vice versa).

my hands are sandpaper

- as I've been applying 40-grain sandpaper to a door. It takes forever + a day, and when you've been at it for 6-7 hours your hands get the same surface as fine-grained sandpaper. But: It will end up looking beautiful and feeling smooth as silk. And the hands will recover.

And yes, I have a machine, but it's just one of those consumer thingies, not industrial grade, so I have to do the tough parts by hand. Will use it later for the finer work (something tells me that this ought to be the other way round *lol*)

We had some thunder here yesterday morning - very little and very distant, but with a lot of rain. Now it's sunny and hot, and living a 15 minute walk from the beach (well, sort of, as they're still building it) - guess where you'll find me later.

More sand I guess *lol*

Don't talk to me about

Don't talk to me about recovering hands. I'm not convinced yet. I've got blisters the size of my left mouse button, and they're not caused by surfing the web.

PS that's my neighbour. His hands are a big tougher than mine hehe.

this'll make you wince, Chris

Glastonbury for wimps. Good to see everyone really getting into that festival spirit :)


I can't talk, I watched it from the comfort of my mudless armchair :O)

TBH I could see me doing the posh one if I had the money as that way I could take the wife and daughter. My brother is the real festival goer (both on and off stage), he just updated his blog so at least I know he survived ;O)

Thy're busy getting used to

Thy're busy getting used to their enormous chicken run, and im about to shoo them into the indoor bit for the night, lovely... (will take photos tomorrow)

Why do I keep seeing the movie Chicken Run in my head? :) Hey Nick we need a chicken update how are they doing?

They're doing great brad,

They're doing great brad, but i can't get them into the inside bit!

I tried, but the bars are a little wide as they're so small right now, and 2 escaped, got one back easily, but the other headed off into the forrest so we decided to go in and have dinner. Sure enough she was back with her mates an hour later, but i don't want to do that again heh..

Get some photos later i hope, ivana is away and must have the camera....

Chickent Pics!

Ok, so i finally got to unload the camera - chickens are tough to photograph, but these are the best two i got..


More of them..

Could prolly get another 20 in there, but wouldn't know what to do with all the eggs!

I also started taming the back end of the garden..

The latest addition to my growing collection of dangerous tools is a 7ft long scythe - all i need now is a black robe and a drastic diet...

Farmer Nick

What is it with SEO/Online Marketers with the aspirations for great outdoors? :O)


Great pics Nick. Thanks for those. Are the chickens full sized or still growing?

scythe - all i need now is a black robe and a drastic diet...

Heh heh, I bet all the search engine reps start running as soon as they see that picture. :)

They're only 2mths old, so

They're only 2mths old, so still growing :)


nah.. they're scarier than me.. heh..

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