How Not to Work With an SEO/SEM Firm

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How Not to Work With an SEO/SEM Firm
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I stumbled across this whilst looking at some XML sruff.

The main bullet points go as such

* You’ll have to change your Web site. Accept this fact before contacting us.

* Your site has no more right to high rankings than anyone else’s, regardless of your standing in the field or your brand’s renown.

* Tell your Web developer to get with the program or get lost.

* Marketing staff: take and pass an HTML 101 class (no cheating).

* IT staff: take and pass a marketing and usability class (no cheating).

* We just spent six months optimizing your site. It’s a little late to tell us you worked with three other SEO companies that specialize in cloaking, and that also mirror sites with identical content.

I must admin i tend to be on the side of the SEO, doing client work with people who say "you cant change anything on the page but we want to rank #1 for holiday" can be a real laugh and pain at the same time.

To read another take on it try here:


I can't even laugh at that...

Because it is so true.

The thing that kills me is that people want usability studies/ seo work done *after* they have spent a bunch of money on a web "designer" who doesn't know jack diddley anything about either of the above two subject matters. "Well, we just spent a bunch of money on it..we don't want to change it...and ~we think it looks great!"

Or how about the web design made to be "different" and "unique" from all other web sites...and doesn't take into any consideration what web standards that have proven themselves over and over again and are what people expect?

Or how about the little tiny who says "Well, Amazon makes people log into ~their shopping cart to check the price, so we can do it too.".. I just want to shake them and say "YOU ARE NOT AMAZON!!!!"

The thing is, I *wish* I figured out a long time ago that sometimes that battle is not worth fighting. It just isn't.

Thank you for letting me rant. I feel better.

Seems a little OTT to me in

Seems a little OTT to me in places, spot on in others.

Some of the marketing staff I've dealt with haven't got the first clue about HTML, nor do they need to.

Part of my job is to explain it to them in such a way that they understand all that they need to about it. Lets face it, it doesn't take long to describe what a title tag is to a user, browser and SE (get a position and get a click through).

Defo need your IT guys on side. More often than not IT people can get touchy about external SEO consultants coming in, seeing it as a threat rather than an opportunity. Senior marketing people tend to end up over ruling the IT peeps, but time can be saved without the in-fighting.

As an SEO consultant, you need to have the ear and respect of both parties (marketing/IT), but shouldn't assume they'll talk your language. You need to speak theirs.


those SEO's who don't care about usability or conversion or retaining some element of attractive design leading to clients staying on the site or (as made me pretty much explode last week) accidentally DELETE a clients live website AND DON'T EVEN %$!!*% NOTICE also need to "get with the program or get lost".

There are arseholes on both sides, believe me :)

SEOs and Marketers are People.

People = Arseholes

Glad I am not one ;O)

you're not a people?

you're not a people?

he looked pretty people like

he looked pretty people like to me in stansted gurtie, 2 arms, 2 legs, all the usual accessories...

agree on the arms and legs.

I'll take your word on the accessories.

He did look normal but then if he hasn't been wearing his hat who really knows?......

Seriously - as SEO's what are the worst things us nasty design types can do? I do try and make seo-friendly sites.

I can't change the fact they're dynamic but I'll go with a mod-rewrite (and give you control over title and all the meta's).

Next request?

Freaking Flash Sites

Gurtie -

By far, my most entertaining calls are the 100% flash sites who want to rank #1 in Google for "shoes". In 30 days. For $99.

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