What's Stirring Beneath the Skin of Apple?

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There has been a buzz for a while now with regards to Apple developing their own search engine as opposed to using others. Whether it’s Apple Search or, iSearch something might finally be happening as job posts for “Engineering Project manager – Apple Search”The top 5 search engines, for the last couple of years, roughly remain in the same place and fluctuation amongst them has been fairly uneventful. 1: Google, 2: Bing 3: Yahoo 4: Ask 5: Aol and just outside of the top 5 is WOW. The list of search engines in existence today is not necessarily a small number, so it will be interesting where apple would sneak in if development is actually under way. 

With the number one search engine still estimated at 1,100,000,000 searches per month and the 15th search engine calming 7,500,000 each month, it will be interesting to see what Apple has hidden beneath their skin.


May not be Web Search

Search can come in many flavours. Apple already has some interest in Wolfram Alpha, for example, and of course they have huge itunes and apps libraries. But the fture for Apple that looks bright must be in Siri. They seem to be currently falling just a litttle behind OK Google and from a demo I saw recently, a long way behind Microsoft's Cortana. (Not that Cortana is on a phone system that anyone writes apps for). But my guess is that the search is voice, not text related.

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