What Do You Call a Bunch of SEO's?

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A quarrel of SEO's?
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Not surprisingly, a bit of mayhem comes drifting out of SearchGuild forums:

Gurtie asks:

If we have;

a herd of wildebeast
a chattering of starlings
a crash of rhinoceros

What's the collective terms for SEO's?


Some ideas...

A cadre of SEO's
An array of SEO's

and for the "we dont need links" boys and girls

A congregation of SEO's


Some more

congregation lol :D

Bevy – for the beer drinkers
Plague – for the spammers ;)
Harem - for ???
Horde – for everyone else

If it's among other SEOs: [b]

If it's among other SEOs: Party!

If it's to the accounting firm representing the SEO: Conference

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