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Ok, so you tell me that if your neighbor bought round this little fella, saying he'd have to put him/her down you'd turn him away...

I have no name yet..

I don't know what sex he is yet, so naming may have to wait, but we were going to get a cat anyways and the neighbor found him abandoned in his barn. He's painfully skinny, but had a big helping of milk (would only drink it if i held it) and later on when ivana had been shopping, some kitten food. He's had a big dump in my office and is now happily asleep under the sofa :)

Tiny eh?

All together now.. ahhh......


Very cute...

When he/she gets bigger, it will really like the chickens... ;-)


What a cutie. I can't stand it I WANT ONE.

You have to stop with the animal pictures, I'm not allowed to get any at the moment and I get all broody when I see cute animals. I'm seriously considering just buying the goats next time my BF goes away and pretending I found them (as you do, wandering down the A27....)

Looks like an 'Angus' to me ;) Also like he may grow up to be a chicken worrier.....

Well, the wild cats don't

Well, the wild cats don't bother the chickens at all - so i hope he wont either - they'll be quite big by the time he's big enough to worry about...

If it does all go wrong, i'll roof them in, but i don't expect to have to..


They're on the list gurtie heh!

Unsolicited kitty name suggestions

"Linkdrop", "Spam" or "Cloaker" :)

Kitty Name suggestions ctd.

GeeGee ;OP

Finding the gender of a kitten isn't that difficult

Lift the tail.

males have a colon :
females have a semi colon ;

My guess if the neighbor found the kitten wandering around alone it is probably a male. Males tend to do that..females are more social.

ok wierd..

when I go to this post, I lose all right hand navigation and menu items..?

Yep me too

They went to the bottom, it appears.


me too. Nuke the kitten,

me too. Nuke the kitten, maybe the site nav will come back.


I was about to say how could you say that about a cute puddy. Then one of mine just came and projectile vomited across the lounge.

He's right Nick - nuke it quick - they don't stay that cute for long....


Would you beleive it was all down to not having a closing " on a style attribute on the img? Weird..

Had to do it by hand so they didn't float to the right, and made the tiniest of errors, with large(ish) consequences...

Gurtie did tell me earlier but i forgot to check it, thank all!

Little one is doing great, has a very full tummy now, but although purrs his head off when held and stroked, still prefers to be under the sofa, and doesn't want to play at all. Not that that's really surprising, judging by his weight i'd guess he's been going hungry for days if not a week or more...

>going hungry for days Don't

>going hungry for days

Don't you have a baby bird around there somewhere?


rcjordan =

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