FT Talks about Fear of Google

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The FT on Google’s dominance
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Interesting to note the FT talking about Google's dominance and media and tech companies fears regarding "Google as Gatekeeper"

The fears about Google's growing power echo the anxiety caused by Microsoft's dominance of the web browser business in the late-1990s, says Dave Edwards, an analyst at American Technology Research.

At that time, media companies and ecommerce sites feared that the software giant would be able to use its control of the browser to control where traffic went on the internet and to charge a “toll” to ecommerce and online media and entertainment companies.

“We've surpassed the browser as the gatekeeper now the search engine is the gatekeeper,” he says.


That is an interesting thought.

Hmm, also makes me wonder what happened to the "Google browser" rumors from last year (or so) and their hiring spree.

Google dominance in Norway

Google has control of about 70% of the search market in Norway, including the Google powered search in Kvasir and Eniro.

This has promted two big media companies with Schibsted beeing the most well know to establish and alternative and setting off big funds to start cometing with them.

I am not at all worried about Google´s control as of today, as Yahoo and Scibsted new initiatives in Norway tell of a heated marketplace in the years to come.

about time

- about time the FT got a clue. I could have told them so a long time ago but, well, they're not on my customer list yet.

Although anyone with insight could see the potential and direction no plans to that effect were apparent until around december 2004 when suddently all three major SE's announced media efforts.

Now with the Google Media Player and all... I guess now is a good time to say "I told you so, didn't I?"

If the FT starts to take

If the FT starts to take this kind of interest, headlines like this may be fewer and farther between before long..


If the FT starts to take this kind of interest, headlines like this may be fewer

Sorry it's a bit off topic, but the mainstream media only know Google-this and Google-that. "Sergey burps" and it becomes big news. It always amazes me to watch NewsNow when Google and either Yahoo or MSN or Ask make an announcement at the same time, you get two or three mentions of the other engine and a solid wall of "Google does X" with every reporter and blogger wetting themselves talking about Google in hushed tones as if they just openned King Tuts tomb.

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