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Pheedo Debuts RSS/Atom Ad Server
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Feed and blog ad firm Pheedo has launched an ad management tool that will let publishers insert paid ads into their RSS or Atom content feeds, and track the resulting activity.

The Web-based ad server, called SimpleAd Feed Management and Server, monitors feed activity to determine how often an ad should be inserted, according to Pheedo. It also serves ads tailored to the characteristics of each news reader, the company said

I just took a brief look at their website, looks pretty neat at first glance but I do wonder how I would feel to have my news and blog feeds interspersed with advertsing... i cant say the prospect fills me with joy.


Follow-up to ads in feeds

Inserting ads into your feeds at first glance sounds a litte intimidating, but the Pheedo product gives you total control over the ads including when and where they appear. You also receive reports on your feed activity. Plus, you can generate revenue if that is of interest to you.

Thanks for posting the news about Pheedo. Much appreciated. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me: bill AT pheedo dot com.

Thanks - Here's Somthing Related

Thanks Bill,

Seems Jeremy Zawodny is less than impressed with the Feedburner ads in his RSS reader.

From my point of view I find it all very interesting and will be experimenting when time allows.

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