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Review of Text Link Advertising Services
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Text link brokers are numerous today, and they always seem to come with just a smidgeon of fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of parting with cash in a somewhat 'shady' (according to search engines) area. There are however some good guys and girls out there, and Graywolf has reviewed 3 ways to buy text links

  1. Ebay
  2. LinkAdage
  3. Text Link Ads

I've never bought a link in my life, but i have to say im warmed to see glowing reports for Patrick of TLA an Jon of LA, i know Patrick quite well, and he recommended Jon! heh..The list is hardly comprehensive, but it's a damn good start.

I thought perhaps this would be a good place for views and opinions of the various firms operating in this environment.

So, tells us what you know...


I also used

I also used and was happy with them, although slightly more pleased with


There's a few decent ones out there, but I have to go with Text Link Ads... I heard they drafted Andy Hagans recently.

I've had good experiences with these guys.
Best of all they are willing to think outside the box and strike up special deals for you.

Hi Rand,

Hi Rand, does'nt exist. Just for a correction it is I would love to hear some feedback as to how we can better service you. That goes for everyone on the board.

Patrick (text-link-ads)does have some really good authority link packages that I would highly recommend to anyone. At the same time however there are programs that Patrick does not offer, that we do.

Here are some of the other reputable link brokers/sellers that are on the market.

-- (Great place to find niche links, the prices are set by the webmaster which tends to make them higher, but if you need to find a link from a baby stroller site, chances are you might find it there)

-- (Low price for High PR links, although they are overseas and you may not get the most responsive customer service, and I cannot vouge for their link quality)

I recommend that everyone investigate all of the above brokers for links depending on what you are looking for and what your budget is. None of us provide all of the services that you may need. I recommend calling us, then contacting Patrick for some authority links, then visiting linkworth to find some niche links.

Its important that you get links from lots of different sources. Variety in your links is critical to your success, which means that variety in your brokers is also a good thing.

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