Ian Turner Found!

Story Text:

After much effort on the part of almost the entire search community, Ian Turner has been found...

Inconvenienced in Atlanta :)

More details as they appear. Thanks Dave

He's safe and well. Thanks fuck for that...


Thank goodness!

Very very happy to hear it!

Very glad to hear this good news

Very glad to hear this good news!

great news

very happy for everyone :)

That's Great news!

> Banged up in Atlanta :)

Keep us posted. Thanks to everyone for an amazing community effort!

I don't even know the guy...

but this makes my week. Great news!


Hes wife will have to put him on a "time out" for a bit...lol

That's great news.

That's great news.

Gotta second that emotion.

Gotta second that emotion. Let's not do this again anytime soon 'eh folks ...

Outstanding, what a sign of

Outstanding, what a sign of relief.


I'm glad I wasn't already half way to New Orleans or Atlanta before this was announced!!! This really scared me. Traveling to New Orleans scared me(first time there)! Then, this news.

Whew. Glad you are alright, Ian.


good. It was a beautiful thing that so many people got together to help one of their own.

Many Thanks to All

I would personally like to thank everyone in the search community for all of their efforts. As one of the last people to see Ian in New Orleans, I was re-thinking all day that he has to be found or I live re-thinking that day for a long time.

Special thanks to Nick, Danny Sullivan, DaveN, Mardi Gras and others in maintaining clarity in these moments of crisis.

Just Posted a help find....in a forum

Got a reply that he had been found... a wooo hooo moment for all his friends and family.
I am a sucker for happy endings


that's brilliant news :)

Glad to hear it

Very glad he has been found... infinitely curious as to what he's been up to for the last several days. :P

Thank Goodness

This is incredible news!!! I'm so happy for Ian & Ali!

I'm here in Atlanta

If there is anything that needs to be done.


Almost $7K was pledged to hire PI's from just one post, in the middle of a looooong thread - that says a lot about our community i think..

Overjoyed that Ian's ok, and just up to no good heh.. thanks to everyone that has helped, it's beautifull to see everyone come together for a common cause.

"one of our own"

Shame some people in other places let the side down.. (shhh nick, dont spoil it!)

Had one good long talk with

Had one good long talk with Ian in N'Awlins and now can look forward to more. Whew!

Awesome news! Hopefully he

Awesome news! Hopefully he can get back to his family very soon. What a relief it must be for them.

Let's Send Him Home In Style

We should use some of that pledged $7K to send him in style, perhaps an upgrade to First Class.

I sure am glad he's found--that's great news before a long holiday weekend!

Excellent News!

Just excellent happy ending.

One Hat

Fantastic news! I'm happy for Ali and the kids, and grateful to the community for pulling together as they've done.


well, I am glad I have one more thing to celebrate on Canada Day

Thank Fock

"Thank Fock" as Geldof will probably say tomorrow and we can now go ahead and enjoy the Live8 weekend a lot happier.

Hope his wife doesn't give him too much of a kicking!

And he better tell the story first to threadwatch because there was an awful lot of noise before we got a good signal.


This is great news. I hear an industry-wide sigh of relief.

Ian - You are now officially famous. Complete strangers will be coming up to you and hugging you. Grin and accept it. We all love you! ;-)

What an incredible industry we work in! Everyone just pulled together when "one of our own" was in trouble.

What a relief!

So glad to hear it! (Can't wait to hear the details... ;-)

He'll write a blog on what happened..

..and make a fortune

Absolutely the best news

Absolutely the best news I've heard in a long time.

Great...Unbelievable...Now We can Enjoy Our Weekend!!!

Best news I could have heard all day..all week. Somebody buy than man a drink!

Last Thread

Now, threadwatch moderators, you can delete my post in the old thread
for not being helpful! LOL. This is great.

Congratulations, Ali, for getting your husband back. I'm sorry that some of us were over zealous, we did mean well. The New Orleans conference was awesome and this could have totally changed my mind about that.

Thank God for happy endings.

fucking AWESOME!

man that is good to hear...

Thank you !!!

Thank you to everybody out there who responded to this call for help. Thanks, Ads for leaping into action and notifying the Othello community. I hope Ian gets a chance to read all these entries, so he knows just how MUCH he means to all of us.

I TOLD you to be careful drinking bourbon.. : )

Get some sleep, Ali... talk to you tomorrow..



I'd just like to say a HUGE thankyou to everyone out there who really rallied around in Ian's time of need.

I'm so happy that it has all turned out OK...I can get some sleep now as can many other SEO's and get some work done...(and feel safe leaving my family for conferences in the future)


Ian, Welcome Home! Awesome SEM Community!

Ian, when you read this.... Welcome home Amigo!

What an amazing community we belong to. I wouldn't trade it for any other!


Happy Day!

Welcome back Ian.

Good to know if I get lost in Vegas you guys will be there to help me out.


Only met him in passing for the first time last week

...at the bar, of course. :)

But this whole thing's had me weak at the knees. Kept checking to see the news. Thank God for Ian's safety, and for the relief his wife must be feeling now.

Guess I can go back to worrying about *stupid* stuff. I will enjoy this weekend more than most, I expect.

Absolutely Fantastic!

Great, great news.

good stuff

good stuff

Awesome News !!!

It is absolutely amazing how this community pulled together I am still in awe. Please excuse me for getting off track earlier- must have been the senstive side of me ..hehehe Blessings to Ian and his family.


Exhale and :)

Dr Evil has sorted the

Dr Evil has sorted the passport out and we should have him home soon... Thanks Keith :)


going to do somethign i hate

I hate "me too" posts anywhere but in a situation like this, what else can I say.


I would have thought...

...that a SEO would have been easier found! ;)

Glad all is well and fantastic to see the support and spirit the SEO community showed!


Big Hugs to Ali

For now knowing that he's okay!

Whatever she does from here is totally justified! :)

In Atlanta

I think they have it covered, Jonrichd. I am currently high on life, hence the post edit.

Didn't do much...

.. at all actually. Did everything i could (including praying and getting friends to pray), looking out for news and other posts but i'm so happy to see him safe. I think we should maybe oragnise another seo gathering in his honour. Not just because he's home safe, but because such a diverse community, with people spread across this warring world can come together and use mutual contacts and knowledge to help each other. Seriously, i can't imagine this happening on such a large scale in any other community, respect to everyone.



Very good news to hear.

Well done everyone for pulling together.

I look forward to saying, "welcome back Ian."



Ian & Ali

So glad you are safe. We have been so worried at Ians Office. Get home soon we all miss you.


Thanks to all for the help this forum has given to tracking Ian.
Cilla. His family will be so releaved to have news.

Just like the Marines

We never leave a man behind!

Thanks to Nick, et al.

Nick - great job on getting info out to the public.
Everyone - thanks for rallying around this subject for Ian & Ali.
Dave & Dixon - I'm sure you guys did a lot behind the scenes - here's your public thanks ;)

Ian - Welcome home.

Ian Turner the top query at Technorati

Go to http://www.technorati.com/

"Ian Turner" is the top search this hour.

Hurray! I was praying to read of his safe return....

Continued best wishes to Ian, Ali and family until he reaches home. I don't know Ian myself, but I can't imagine being in Ali's position, and I am sure Ian's had his own difficulties until now. Thank goodness we know we can call ourselves a family and community when it counts. It means alot.



What a great community of people and what great news this morning..that he is found. Such a relief!!

Great to hear you are safe

Great to hear you are safe Ian.
You sure know how to stir folks up :)

Reasons to be cheerful

Excellent news, just got up here, I don't know the guy, but this has made it a great start to the day.

Thank you all

Thanks everyone for all their help and support.

We're working to get him home soon and I'm sure when he reads all this he'll thank you all too.

(I really want the explanation for this:) Bagsy first in the queue!)

Again thank you all


There's got to be a really interesting story behind this one. Good luck Ian and family.

Looking forward to hearing the story

I've known Ian for over 5 years and he is one of the nicest people you could ever meet.

I only found out about this yesterday and I've been thinking about him ever since, and feeling powerless to be able to do anything.

I'm stunned by the response on this forum, well done to everyone involved.

All I can say is thank god he's OK.

Ian, when you read this, I'll see you soon.


Ian Turner Update

Just spoke to Ali this morning..... time to put this story to bed...

Here's the details for those who have been curious as to what happened to Ian....


I've put it there so that if you want to use any of it to update your other blogs/forums then please feel free to do so.



Now Nick that you've saved a life can we follow up with the Pope on that long awaited sainthood?

Seriously though, I read it here first and then elsewhere via Threadwatch and compliments on your effort.

Ian Turner is Safe and Sound Thanks to You

The Turner family from England would like to say a big thank you to everyone who took part in the search for Ian when he went missing en route home to the UK from the Conference in New Orleans. Your individual activities and messages of support were of great help to us at this time of great personal stress to all the family. Thankfully Ian has been found safe and in good health and we hope to have him back home with his family in the very near future. This we all feel illustrates the enormous power of the web for the good and long may it continue to be used in this fashion for positive activities rather than those of a more dubious nature. We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy and Joyous Independence Day, hopefully to be spent with your families and close friends.

We would also like to express particular thanks to Nick W Threadwatch, David Naylor and Conference Organiser Brett Tabke for their support for Alison, Ian’s wife, and their unstinting efforts to resolve this crisis. Our grateful thanks is also extended to the individual officers of the Police Departments in Atlanta, New Orleans also the Surrey Constabulary England and the British Foreign Office together with the staff of the British Consulate in Atlanta who are currently helping Ian to return home.

The Turner Family


Great news, I wonder how Ian will feel about his new found internet stardom? ;O)

welcome back Ian

All the best.


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