Ujiko - New Visual Personalized Search Engine from Kartoo

Story Text:

Ujiko, from the Kartoo folks is a new visual personized engine. Kind of fun to play with, what do you think?

UJIKO's interface is designed to instantaneously help you understand its basic and advanced features set. For the first time, you are using an evolving search Internet player. It is about an object in 3 dimensions which evolves/moves, changes, becoming more and more powerful as you gain more expertise. Moreover, you can personalize the skin of the player with your own JPEG images or animated Flash movies and send your creations to your friends!


Flash required

Apparently it needs flash just like Kartoo, so I'll have to wait until next time I power up my IE. I prefer my main browser to be Flash-free.


That's the one I remember.

The "dial" interface looks new to me (although I haven't checked for a while). It's a bit complex though. I have to think twice every time I hover over something and wild colours and shapes appear. Doctor, am I getting too old?

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