the 'quiet out there' thread

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just because I want to ask how the kitty is?.... we want pictures :)



If you're looking for cute animal pictures, check out rusty's 360.

~Lovely~ (oooh, there's another "MWE" type quote LOL)

I'll go get the cmamera in a

I'll go get the cmamera in a minute gurtie:

Thing is, im a bit worse for wear and it may not hpp4en as i've got to find the MF without waking ivana!

Anywahy, 100% weittght gain! It took me 48hrs to gain his confidenee but he's totaaly devoted to me now, he's fat(ish), and loves to play, and loves to be cuddled.

He likes to lay in the (above belt) openingo of my dressing gown in the mmorning and spends the majority o0f the rest of the day 'getting into trouble" :)


Wit - that was, er, lovely - thanks for that. I have an equally scary hairless cat picture but I won't post that one I think....

Nick, I think you should stay sitting down and not try anything too complicated - like typing or perhaps walking :)

Oh yeah...

Mind the claws. They can be "surprising" and "uplifting" (in the bad sense of the word) even on a small(ish) cat. Don't say we didn't warn you...

Quiet out there?

I think not Gurtie. Me and a couple of billion others watched a band or two in the Live8 series of concerts, confirming that the Who and the Floyd can still teach them young 'uns a thing or two ;-)

I listened to quite a bit of

I listened to quite a bit of that on the radio, it was pretty cool...

Bill Gates' speach wasn't too bad either..

it got noisier

Londons started slow I thought, but it got a load better in the evening. Philidelphia had the best lineup.

ageing rockers

yeah got to agree they still can do it...

but to get the crowd going it has got to be Peter Kay with his sing a long and clap your hands to "Is this the way to Amarillo", he was doing very well until he called the guy in charge on the stage a dick head and it got cut off to show an interview with George Michael...

hehe what are them people like from Bolton...

Happy Kitty

what on earth have you been feeding him?

look at the size of his tummy! Has he found the chicken run?

Just dried kitten food mixed

Just dried kitten food mixed with a bit of wet kitten food. They're supposed to have fat tummy's at this age, just like puppies :)


Perhaps you should use your multiblog skillz to start a site? ;O)

Cats always look better slightly overweight, if you want a skinny animal get a greyhound ;O)

Re: Live8 - pink floyd always rock but nice to see them all back together (minus one member). For the new bands, Killers, Scissor Sisters, Kaiser Chiefs and Coldplay did well too :O)


Definitley looking a lot happier with itself mate. Good job.

First Kill

Big flying ant, lots of fun chasing it, then eat it. Littls sod'll prolly be sick now heh..!


you're such a proud pappa ;)

a liddle puddy cat...

Blimey on Saturday there was 10 concerts, 100 artists, a million spectators and 2 billion viewers with the main objective to try and stop 30,000 children dying every single day of extreme poverty..

and what do we get on threadwatch...a liddle puddy cat photo wiv a big fat belly....sigh

so did you all ask for a camel for your birthday?

well lets put it this way Mick - if people only think about stopping children dying of extreme poverty when they can see it on TV for 12 hours once every 20 years then there's not much hope for us at all is there? :)

Meanwhile Nick at least took some direct action and saved a life - even if it was only the cutest-wootiest little puddy tat in the howel wide wuwweld. Lookit his lickle face....

Live 8

You're more than welcome to post something about Live 8 mick, i only caught snatches of it on the radio so don't have a great deal to say on it unfortunately.

One of the nice things here is that if you're unhappy with the content, within reason, you can change it.

Mick can speak for himself

but I think he was being sarcastic.

Anyway that guy who likes spaggetti just loves this type of story?

I wonder which you mean?

I like Kitty stories, arguments or making political points? Ah whichever, you clearly know me too well ;)

I'm sure Mick has a long history of ruminant donation though :), and it was a point that deserved to be made so I have apologised for sounding a bit snotty....

Anyhow - back on the highly important puddy cat story - what did you call him/her Nick?

not so cute for long

them liddle cute balls of fluff dont stay cute for long

See what I mean??



hehe! We think we're settled


We think we're settled on George Padington

he gets called georgy at the moment..

it just gets worse

it just gets worse when they get older

I bet nick wont say "Get in your basket" when George Padington sits on the chair holding one of these

nice pic though Gurtie :)

Do you still think he looks cute now??

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