Calacanis vs Dell, Let the Link War Begin

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Calacanis vs Dell, Let the Link War Begin
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A few weeks ago Scoble thought about link bombing UPS but changed his mind before it built up any steam. Now Jason Calacanis floats the idea of doing it to Dell.

If everyone were to link to this post:
with the word "Dell" how many posts would it take for Jarvis to be in the top—say—50 results for the Dell search on Google?

I've briefly followed the story about the laptop and agree Jarvis got a lemon and the "customer service" from Dell was horrible. However what does it say when bloggers who trumpet the "content is king" mantra, start floating trial baloons about manipulating SERP's with artificial linking campaigns? Why is it ok for them to do it? Where are the finger wagging white hats and company reps? The "this isn't about money" argument doesn't hold up here, because Dell is a comercial company who could stand to lose money if this works.


It's amusing that ...

It's amusing that, in the main, many (for want of a better word) bloggers seem to be virulently anti-spam and anti-SEO ... and then turn around to beg for links for their favorite scheme-du-jour. I've tried to explain it to them before, but the logic falls on deaf ears.

Are bloggers anti-spam? I

Are bloggers anti-spam? I just think they are against automated posts to their blogs and perhaps receiving too many viagra mails.

This guy is asking for webmasters to add links to their blogs voluntarily.

Not that I care. Dell never did me any harm but their prices are too high :)

From what I've read

I meant website spam, not email spam. From what I've read on "bloggers" blogs, they've quite vocally anti-SEO. And yet their one technique ...


If you think about it the act of blogging is an act of the ego. Like most egotisitcal people, bloggers think it is okay if they do it, that they have a special cosmic dispensation from the rules they try to impose on others.

"There, but for the grace of God, goes God."

Hit the nail right on the

Hit the nail right on the head there Brad - that's a perfect explanation.

Jason is very egotistacal. He's pretty successfull at what he does, and is justifiably a little full of himself - he's not a bad chap, but is quite typically blind to some very obvious pionts about his opinions and actions..


I don't particularly care, mind you; just pointing out the obvious.

Heh, I wasn't singling out

Heh, I wasn't singling out Jason, but happily painting with a broad brush. :) Anil Dash had much the same attitude in the nigritude ultramarine contest. Most of the class A/B bloggers that have been so self rightous about SEO have seemed this way to me.

There are a few notable exceptions of course.

Yes, that's ...

Yes, concur re Anil Dash. In fact, it was on his blog that I made the comment about what he had done to win in the nigritude ultramarine contest -- and pointed out that it was rather disingenuous to be anti spam and anti-SEO, but win in a contest via link spam. And got no response. <grin>

Dell truely do suck

I am not a big blog fan or reader and I don't know the guy behind this one but he is very right in the fact that Dell comouters suck big time. Customer srvice? Dosen't exsist!

That's something to know ...

That's something to know, Mikkel. I also had a problem with G*way.

We always order from Micron; love their computers, and their customer service has been excellent since we started with them in 1996 (and we've got four).

I always get mine custom

I always get mine custom built, and bugger CS, i can do it myself...

I've built three machines in

I've built three machines in the past few months and have found that customer service and tech support both suck.

Precendent in Courts

Any precedent for someone getting sued or getting a "cease and desist" order for such activity?


Agreed Nick. I'll take my chances on my own rather than know that I'd have to deal with some schmuck who is going to tell me for an hour to reboot my machine and then just format my machine anyhow. Dealt with Bestbuy CS once and I think I'd rather smash a rusty screwdriver through my temple than to do that again.

Blogging *is* definitely driven by ego. Thinking that people actually want to hear your drivel alone must take a bit of ego. Let alone when you start requesting things out of your readers. To be fair though, it is quite difficult to maintain a strong content quality level where people will want to continue to read and listen. No matter how good the content though, I think humility should be at least a bit of a priority for anyone willing to throw themself out there by jumping up on a blog pedestal and yapping about how much they know about a subject.

What makes the "big bloggers" think that their readers are lemmings for their personal conquests?

defence of dell

we've had about 200 machines through them in the last 12 months and we've only had 3 problems, and only 1 which wasn't resolved next day.

Although when they're bad they really are bad I admit (like 3 weeks of daily shouting bad)

But if everyone who blogs arranged a googlebomb everytime someone hacked us off I don't think the world would be improved in the slightest. Well known bloggers have a responsibility which goes with their standing and that includes not letting personal vendettas become webwide issues. Say you had cruddy service, sure, but there's a limit to how far you should go.

What Gurtie said

I agree.

It's good to hear about good experiences with Dell, as I've never tried them.

As to blogging in general, what's so much different about that than posting a lot in forums? I have blogs. Even TW is a blog.

ok... calm down...

funny how ThreadWatch always tries to make the little things I write into some huge issue (check the google adsense headline last time).

I'm interested if it is even possible for a blogger's complaints to make it into the top 100 results for such a huge keyword like Dell. It's not some huge plan... it's not a movement. It's just a question. I know Jeff could get a lower keyword like "Dell sucks," but I am interested if a blogger can even come up on the radar for big keywords like this.

Also, I think Dell's customer service is horrible and I recently had a similar experience. So, I'd like to see Dell get a clear message from bloggers/customers: shape up!

best j

So you're interested in

So you're interested in artificially altering the Search Engine Results Pages?

It's not TW in particular, it's that you, and many blogger have very two-faced views on what we've all been doing for years. If your a 'blogger' it's ok, if you're an 'seo' it's shameful....

I wonder how long...

...before Threadwatch shows up in the SERPs for "jason calacanis"?

Of course it is

>I'm interested if it is even possible for a blogger's complaints to make it into the top 100 results for such a huge keyword like Dell.

There is one result locked in, the rest is up for grabs as you well know. Jason Calacanis on the other hand is completely up for grabs, the phrase "be careful what you sow" springs to mind.

On the subject of Dell, and taking ukgimps comments on board, they rock.

Strange world we live in.

I can't figure out what bloggers would have against SEOers or the other way around.

Dare I say it, this board could conceivably be called a blog, albeit a 'superblog' or such. In fact the site in my profile here I would think was a bit more than a blog - but you know what - its a bloody blog no matter what way I think of it.

Most of the people getting into blogging nowadays love to see their blogs turning up in search results to get traffic. A lot of them have a blog roll bigger than my bog roll and a lot of that is link trading and theming so that - guess what - to show up in the search results.

The best and most widely read blogs probably get more than 80-90% of their traffic as direct to site traffic (as mine does but it is a very narrow subject matter) but no matter how much direct site traffic a blog gets, it is always good to get a referral from a search engine for something that you were writing about - (I especially like it because I know that my slimeball politicians actually get their press officers - 38 for 57 councillors - to check what shows up under their names[honest!]).

I would think that the majority of the CMS systems which people are using for blogs nowadays are fairly search engine friendly anyway and most bloggers would like to make them more so.

I don't know if snobbery is the word, but both bloggers and SEOers have the same aim in mind to get visitors to their sites - that is just a fact.

I know and respect Jason. I spoke at probably his biggest conference a few years back here in NY. I also know and respect Nick, have gotten drunk with him and even shared the toilet with him. However bloggers and SEOers should be the best friends because they really have the same aims.

I especially think what happened with the Ian Turner saga over the last few days shows just how much we are really in bed with each other.

So JC and NW shake hands, go to your corners and stop coming out fighting.

Before I shut up for fear of NFFC taking the piss - I will state publicly that I loved the fuckwit googlebomb.

dell service

I have a Dell laptop, and have no complaints with Dell customer service - in fact I just had to send it in because the hinge cracked.

It is interesting to note that Dell has an affiliate program... I wouldn't mind being in the top results for Dell either. ;)

>>I can't figure out what bloggers would have against SEOers or


We view them as upstarts, they view us as the 'established'

just human nature :)

And i like to cross swords with Jason, i quite admire what he's done really, and don't have any personal beef with him, but im making it my ambition to force him, just once, to link to us.. heh!

Me? Cynical?

Once you are in the top ten for Dell it's only a few seconds to add the Dell affiliate code to your site ;)


Give him a link please. I have one Dell and never had a problem with it - so far!

you take all the fun out of

you take all the fun out of it jan :(


I'm interested if it is even

I'm interested if it is even possible for a blogger's complaints to make it into the top 100 results for such a huge keyword like Dell. It's not some huge plan... it's not a movement. It's just a question.

So what happens if you do, what's the next step? Are you going to actively take steps to manipulate more SERP's?

Strike them down and your journey to the dark side will be complete ... ;-)

Good rather than bad

Got to stick up for Jason Calacanis on this one, sure, there are moral issues with what he proposes but all in all the companies like Dell don't listen, but I'm not going to spend half a day talking about Dell and the Indian Call Centre they use to service Australia. If we must do some finger pointing have a look at what Steve Rubel has to say on this: if you think someone has lost the plot it's Rubel on this one, Calacanis is just trying to be helpful whereas Rubel tries to condemn Dell because Jarvis deservses better becaues he's an A-List blogger.

I read ...

I read some of the comments on the Jarvis blog. This is one of the reasons I stick with Micron: name-brand parts don't break down so easily. Sure, they cost more (so do Macs), but quality costs. As do quality tech people.

Last time I ordered a Micron, the salesperson was actually a tech, and helped us to configure a machine that would easily (and more cheaply) support any upgrades (e.g, memory) we *might* want to make in the future. The *same person* called a few months later to see how we were doing with it.

When we were ordering the Micron before that, I tried to rush them into shipping faster than scheduled (they usually arrive about four days or less from order) but they were still testing. Still, I got it quickly. No several-weeks wait.

And all four of our Microns, one of which we purchased in 1996, work and are still in use.

Buy cheap machines with built-in corner-cutting and you get what you pay for.

For once I don't care if

For once I don't care if it's spam or whatever. I don't care if it's an ego thing, I don't care if it's spam, Dell have caused me enough stress and hassle in the past, that I just don't care. I've linked it. I'd love for Dell related SERP's to be full of crap and people ranting about them, serves them right.

Hypocritical? I don't care.

If the company I work for

If the company I work for gave crap service, I'd expect people to moan about it as well. If the service was that bad, that enough people talked about it and linked to each other and complaints end up at the top of the serps for a search on the company name (made much more difficult in our case because of others with the same name) then surely that's something the company should take note of.

If people are going to defend all kinds of link building activities using the "this is business" line, then they also need to deal with people using the same techniques negatively.

If the people ranting kicked off some scripts to go adding blog comment spam to a bunch of sites to help, then I'd probably get pissed off by it. But if I want to moan about a companies service, on my web site, and link to someone else moaning about it, I'm not going to lose any sleep over it.

Isn't that one of the reasons Scoble is pretty popular. People blog complaints about MS, in some cases he picks up on it and says something about it. He's someone actually helping MS deal with those people ranting about the company, and it seems making a bit of headway. I don't see anyone doing that for Dell.

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